Dr. Philippe Friedlich On Pediatric Surgery And Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia


Welcome to medicine. We're still practicing I'm Bill Curtis of course I my friend and Co host Dr Steven Tailback He's the quadruple board certified doctor of Internal Medicine Pulmonary Disease Critical Care and neuro critical care these days he continues to fight on the front lines of the COVID battle in California for which we are eternally grateful Steve How you doing I'm well thank you. It's good to be. I'm sure you've heard of children's Hospital of Los Angeles notice. Hla US News and World Report has consistently ranked the H. L. A. in the top five nationally and the number one pediatric hospital in California for thirty years. Running this remarkable nonprofit children's care hospital is nationally known for Neonatal Research and care that is funded entirely by generous philanthropists. Dr Felipe Friedli is chief of neonatologist at Children's Hospital. He is also co director of the fetal and neonatal? Institute. And he is professor of clinical pediatrics and surgery at the renowned kept school of Medicine at USC where he's published over one hundred, fifty abstracts, Peer Review Articles and book. Chapters Dr. Freedland is a rock star in one of the world's most complicated pressure filled and delicate specialties that include newborn respiratory failures newborn pulmonary hypertension even surgery on unborn babies. Can you imagine welcome Dr Felipe Free Lick? It is an honor to have you here tonight and having me. So doctor. Can you just bring our listeners up to speed on C. H. LA and your mission there? Sharon's HUSK local Sandra's mission is to care for sick children's no matter what their background cultural background or insurance they have we are. Laced to gear for family and children's in babies when there's no other place that could care for them. Are we talking about like one of the few medical specialties that truly couldn't wait for Covid to pause that's a great question fortunately or many children's covid has not been has impactful. They are some babies are insurance that are sick but by four unless we compared to adults we. Are Really lucky so far. So we're not going to spend the whole show on Kovin because frankly I think people wanted to know much more about your specialty, but maybe you could tell us a little about what kind of a regimen as C. H. L. A. Developed uniquely for this pandemic and what are some of the special things that you do at your hospital to manage this. A lot of it has to do with making sure that became screen families in staff when they arrive at the hospital in make sure that they're the environment for caring for the Germans you regardless of the reason why they're in the hospital is is optimal until the hospital has and significant resources to ensure that we screen families and visitors and parents when they arrive psychologically, how do you get your clientele to feel safe under these circumstances that has been Estonia As you can imagine a lot of families or speared to even go close to a hospital. So said, only our data's suggesting that we can provide a safest environment to bring Ren's and care for them, but it is a concern. Certainly, we can see that visit to the emergency room are significantly down obviously a lot of the outpatient clinic. I've had to restructure their environment, but I think that honest conversations with family in trying to make sure that. Children can get the care they need. So they don't have complications from their Biz orders diseases are we tried to do our best to get the message across

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