UFC 252 Round-Up

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We are talking and may more specifically talking about the UFC and UFC two, fifty two which just happened over this past weekend. dray looked it looked good on paper for the main card right. And I was like, okay, we got a nice little main card. Overall. I really thought it. disappointed. A. Wasn't. It wasn't it was some weird circumstance. Is Not, the fighters falls yes. It's not like they all wanted or tried to go to decisions or anything, but some sheet happened that made it kind of weak. So I will talk about John Dodson. Showing up in doing nothing. Mood he's gun shy told you these headed someone's wrong sums? Are you gotTa drop the weight? You know it's not it's admit this is mental. This is a one hundred percent mental Dj Rodham, his soul Shang soon them he probably I think. So something happened because remember when Dawson arrived on the scene like he knocked out Tj dillashaw the magic man, but he was everywhere. Hands hit bricks for hands fast as hell you couldn't take them down. Like he was easily the number one number two, the fastest fighter in division. Easy. Maybe the entire UFC. But now it's like he's completely gunshot. And visibility. Didn't he just? Fuck this, he had so much fun beating up on John Dasa just like tossing him around. I don't know who John Dyson it's over this drop the weight it won't matter if you don't let your hands go. Yeah. Morale was having a blast Murrah was in his quarter just like that's easy lay. This is mile in after the fight through the headdress back on he just didn't care and do we both picked us and I can't remember I definitely did. White I feel terrible and morale is going to be a problem at bantamweight. He's. If. He continues fighting like this. The way he's you know just out wrestling guys like he's on a nice little fight he streaked. Yeah and he was able to out strike Dotson granted Dotson tried too much to to throw hands I. Don't I don't know what the game plan is for Dotson Eurofighter anymore like why watch them fight I go to the Jimmy Rivera finally what's what's cleaning I? Don't think there is one. Rob. is on a firefight winning streak last lost. What's to Ricky Simon Smoke. Yeah. Okay. That makes sense. Okay I. Remember there was a submission. So young has buzzer. By the way you might have won that fight yet move rob has been dominant these past few fights but this the dots performance impressive. I. Think he could be a problem but I put more of the blame on John Dasa because something mental is going on with this man is not up to his capability. Yet Very Weird I. Can't call it he needs a sports psychologist. He's recapture some late when you don't even try to let the hands go. That's when you got a problem. So next fight, Herbert, Burns versus Daniel. Pineda this is where you are right and I was wrong. A feeling this and like this. I I don't know another weird fight because I think burns was just dominated from the jump. Eight just he didn't seem to have it this night. No. Cash wait forty, five, I don't. I can't. Blame it on but. The elbows came down and it was a rap so. Whichever I mean yeah I mean. Significant strikes. Ten. For burned. Fifty, seven for opinion. Yeah. I mean like it'll be like this but I kind. Win this fight, but that's wild and that was in dominant fashion. Then we go to the next night jd s versus Rosen struck. and. Bump you know super buff. Different, body. Mustached. GPS. Didn't help him because he got rocked. And slumped on cage. So the thing about Rosen's struck is what I've noticed now is yeah. Okay. Everybody's GonNa lose the Francis in God like if you rush Francis and got gotTa, you're going to lose that's what's going to happen. So this fight, he was a little bit more patient picked spots really didn't do a lot in the first round. Waiting for eighty s kind of open up getting a little bit more comfortable like ease up on the guard and he's just let it has put away. But this division. I don't want to say that there's like a huge gap is not a valid Musa Tanko gap. That's we're going to call that gap that's shift that's it is absurd. Touching her, but it's a pretty significant gap in skill after steeping. DC's probably gone. I don't know skill wise because. Roy, as he is. With all the raw power, he's still a role as an enemy fighter. Roses stroke is a raw power like the striking's there but. What happens with Steve puts him on his back. And clearly debate Baker Take Punch. So I don't I don't know who's who's going to be a problem for steep A. At this juncture, we'll talk about it in a little bit because even though I think in God who's going to be better if they have another fight. I can't. Skill wise. It's different levels of this shit.

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