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Stuff. The Toshiba. Lebron Toe was pretty revolutionary at the time. It was a tiny little almost pocket size computer but a proper P. C.. That had a a wacky little mouse on the screen that you could like use your thumb on. Yeah. The touch point was on the side. So I still have my she bretault ct one hundred nice which I bought in nine t nine, hundred, seven on I. Think I got the I got the good one in quite switch had a get brace yourself sixty four megabytes of Ram. And a one hundred and sixty six megahertz Amex processor because the AMEX. Then that was that was what you want Amex stick. With an XTRAC -nology? Yes. Our first family PC after the apple mentioned Amiga was one six, six. AMEX, machines. Yeah. Yeah. The first time I ever saw one of those Toshiba Libretto is doing some work at Sheffield. University and one of the lecturers they had one and I was swooning over this computer. It was so gorgeous. It was like amazing. So yes, phrase sad having a laptop the size of a VHS Cassatt was behind it was it was a good form factor those those are happy days the Proto. Net Book I would. Absolutely r.i.p in piece Toshiba. Next up. Mock. Well in further sight news, Mozilla as announcers axing two hundred, fifty

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