Streaks and records that will be cut short by MLB's 60-game season


Is supposed to start. Uh late next week, the twins will open up against the White Sox in Chicago. It's a 60 game sprint. And it's going to be unlike anything we've seen, isn't it? Always. Definitely it's going to be exciting because every game very important, obviously, even in 162 games scheduled, but there's no room for area for three or four game losing streak. It could wipe you out in a 50 game season. Yeah, and to expound on your point. I saw this a couple of weeks ago. Every win is like 2.5 wins in a regular 162 game season. Every losses like 2.5 defeats. So if you win three straight games that's essentially like 7.5 wins. Basically, you lose 45 in a row. That could be a big setback in it. Oh, most definitely, and the mindset of your ball club. You know if there is pressure during this season, and you know what he what I like is getting prepared for the season some of their young talent. Having an opportunity to show their skills in there. We'll hit a slot games you're playing. I know I saw Perloff last year and I thought, you know he did enough to spring training last year to make the team but you know he was behind the extra al pewter. You know that between Cary because they have more talent will not more talent but more experience. So I'm good to see Karloff doing well and he'll be available for us this year. Any concerns about Louise Arise, Byron Bucks and some of the guys getting banged up in this spring training 2.0, Well, you know me personally, I believe, bustin. If you get him, he's a bonus. It just seems like if it could happen, it happened to him. Some people would say, Well, he plays hard, which he does. But you know he's not on the field enough for me. We've got a plan for somebody to take his place if he's ready to go Yeah, no question. Look, the pandemic has been a bummer when it comes to sports, But maybe it's been a good thing for the twins in the sense that Rich Hill should be ready to go. And some of these veteran pitchers like Homer Bailey Kenta Maeda that they W maybe fresher longer than they would be in a typical longer season. Almost definitely of I. You know, If there's some good to come out of this situation, Mr Hill will be ready to go for the Minnesota Twins, an important acquisition or, you know, that's a fun office picked up so I'm really excited not only just to be able to watch some baseball whether their fans or not, but I think this team has enough talent, and Rocco has prepared him in such a way. I'm sure that they'll be ready when the bell wing

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