Trump to Visit California After Criticism Over Silence on Wildfires


Going to begin right now going straight to California, which is facing, of course, record breaking wildfires more than three million acres burned joining me live. Los, Angeles mayor said he Mayor Garcetti, he thanks for joining us. We're seeing these horrific scenes out of the west coast the Bobcat fire burning fewer than twenty five miles outside of Los Angeles as of yesterday that fire destroyed almost thirty thousand acres. It's only six percent contained right now president trump is going to travel to your state tomorrow to meet local officials. He approved disaster relief for your stay three weeks ago. Are You satisfied with the trump administration's response? Well we always have great cooperation with our federal agencies and I want to thank them for that because they do step up whether it's corona virus or whether it's fires but I think leadership at the very top needs to be earlier stronger and from the President I wish that we would get as much attention not based on an electoral map but just. Purely on being Americans and the need for leadership to be from the white. House for all of America You know whether it's twin hurricanes on the Gulf coast or fires here on the West Coast we're one nation and sometimes looking at the leadership that comes out. It's easy to forget that it's taken three weeks I'm glad he's coming but. We need much more help when we have firefighters dying on the line and Washington refuses to help states and refuses to help local governments that are the first responders to emergencies like this. It's unconscionable. So instead of hitting the golf course going on vacation the president, the Congress respectively should sit down this week and finally make sure that there is assistance for. These brave men and women who are protecting our lives and protecting our property well to be clear. What exactly are you saying? President trump in your view would have done differently of California were say a republican state like Louisiana A or other states in the Gulf, Texas what what what would have done differently because he did sure Clare Disaster three weeks ago. Absolutely and I always say that that's very important that those agencies respond. We get good coordination but there's a refusal to blaming of blue states over red states in his mind I remind people there's a million Republicans that live here in the city of Los Angeles even if you're a partisan, you should be stepping up with empathy you should be stepping up with helping with a new cares act when people are slashing local government and state government laying people off this is bad for our economy. This is bad for our emergency response. It's terrible for our corona virus response, and so we need leadership that is equal across this country instead of being partisan and divisive, and it's very clear. This president seems to divide more. He's going to come out here and probably tell us I gonNA send you rakes instead of more help we need actual help material help not based on our party affiliation or how we voted leadership isn't about grudges. It's about governing for all. Well, let's talk about that because. Of Atta Rally last night president trump repeatedly told his supporters that containing the wildfires is all about forest management in. As you note, he's frequently criticised California for failing to rake the forest floors to prevent wildfires What's your response? What are the facts behind this? Well I listen to fire professionals not the president of the United States are politician when it comes to actually what causes these fires It's been very clear that years of drought seeing whether it's too much water and too much rain in parts of our country right now or too little. This is climate change and this is an administration that's put its head in the sand while we have democratic and Republican mayors across the. Country stepping up to do their part this is a administration president who wants to withdraw from the Paris climate. Accord's a later this year the only country in the world to do so Talk to a firefighter. If you think the climate change is real and it seems like this administration last vestiges of the flat earth. Society of this generation, we need real action we need to actually reduce the carbon emissions that we have and we. Need to make sure we can manage that water and this is not about just forced management or raking anybody who lives here in California insulted by that quite frankly and keeps perpetrating this live.

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