Trump Slams Biden: 'He doesn't know he's alive!'


And and on on methods methods the the worst worst candidate candidate in in the the history history of of presidential presidential politics. politics. He He doesn't doesn't know know he's he's alive. alive. President President Trump Trump slamming slamming his his Democratic Democratic rival, former vice President Joe Biden, during a rally in Nevada last night. In addition to the usual law and order, talk and discussion of a potentially rigged election, Mr Trump, also Clinton, former President Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for no reason and talked up his own chance. We've done a lot of things. So we were nominated a few days ago for Nobel Price, which is a big thing. Nobel Peace Prize and then yesterday we were nominated a second time for another Nobel Prize. President. Trump's opponent, meanwhile, was slamming on climate change and the way he's running his campaign. Biden calling the president's campaign events, reckless rallies, his campaign taking a different approach, hosting more virtual events running mate Senator Kamala Harris hosting an online roundtable with Latino small business owners in Arizona. Taking aim at the president's handling of the pandemic, Trump deliberately downplayed the seriousness of covert 19. What we heard on that tape earlier this week. Simply put. It's a dereliction of his duty.

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