Padres take two wins against Giants in doubleheader


What an afternoon on. Sunday. For the padres they sweep a doubleheader from the giants and extend their winning streak to seven consecutive games. The padres will finish twenty twenty over five hundred for the first time. Since twenty ten s San, Diego moved to thirty one and seventeen with a couple of very impressive wins on Sunday afternoon six nothing in game one by my cleven jer three, one in game two behind some clutch hitting three relievers. Behind Garrett Richards and the padres absolutely rolling into their huge series this upcoming week against the La Dodgers. This is the wrap up show with John for and Jim. Russell. If you're not following us on social media, please do that at twitter at John Shaffer at Jim Russell. St. Over the next hour, we're gonNA hear from the manager Jay's Tingler we'll hear from my clovinger as well LS scores and we'll get you set for the massive. At PETCO Park against La the begins on Monday and six ten. But what a weekend Jim, we didn't know if the momentum would be halted as the padres didn't play Friday and Saturday, because of a false positive in the giants organization but the Padres pick up right where they were and they've won seven consecutive games. Yeah. A couple days off may have actually helped team to be honest with you and they got to sweep today. Kinda like. Easy I to me it did it to me. It felt like there's no doubt in my mind that not only the Padres, the better team, but they're going to win these games. They're gonNA to find a way to win in the second game there, and then the first game I tweet this out after the third inning, I'll like this feels like clovinger I'm just GonNa go seven complete this game type outing for him and which he did he went seven. Felt Kinda effortless almost when you look at the box score complete game seven strikeouts only one walk only giving up two hits like that's the Mike Levin show that this team traded for and who they hope they get in the postseason is a guy that's going to give you seven innings going to not allow any runs couple couple hits given up. strikeout seven plus only walk one it was it was his best as a padre so far and couldn't have come at a better time. And then game to like it was you know giant scored I there but to me I was like, all right. You know I felt that they were gonNA come back and win that game somehow, and it wasn't pretty will myers at a home run. But other than that the other ones they scored wasn't pretty how they did it but still they got the job done and their bullpen. John, this is a strength of the team. Now it's incredible because it's been nine days. So the first twenty, three games of the year, the padres bullpen was six point four, eight, the last twenty, three games coming into today two, point, seven five and the bullpen today two and two third innings of one hit no run baseball Tim Hills now three. Now he was the winning pitcher in game two drew pomeranz not allowed to run JIM this year and fifteen scoreless innings and Trevor Rosenthal was able to work around two out error committed by Fernando Totti's junior. To Work School. seventh-inning for his tenth save and third with the chargers. If there's one thing we saw over the course of these two games and maybe over the seven game winning streak is that Fernando Totti's junior is a human. You know he wasn't GonNa hit three fifty all year. He wasn't GonNa hit thirty five home runs and sixty games you know he For the first time, maybe as a professional at the big league level actually slumping, he's one for fifteen. Now, in his last five games, the Patriots won all of those games. So that's the good news.

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