The American West is burning in California,


The American West is burning in California, Oregon, Colorado in Washington state record wildfires air, Leaving behind a trail of unprecedented devastation houses have been destroyed. Tens of thousands of people have evacuated their homes in the air quality of some communities blanketed by smoke and ashes now at dangerous levels. The leaders of those Western states are all pointing in one direction. While our state reels from this horrific firestorm of dry weather, hot wind and drought conditions. This will not be a one time event. We're in the midst of a climate emergency. We're in the midst of a climate crisis. These are not just wildfires their climate fires. Unfortunately, it is the bellwether of the future. I'm Cancino Vega, and that's where we start the take away today. Aaron Ross is a science reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting and Sam Brash is a climate and environment reporter for Colorado public radio. Aaron and Sam. Welcome to the show. Thank you. Glad to be here, Aaron. Let's start with you. We just heard at the top. All three governors saying Anu Semenza Lian Brown all saying that the wire. This is really about climate change. This is a bellwether for our future. Erin, what's happening on the ground in Oregon right now? Well right now, Fire conditions are definitely starting to improve, which is we're all very grateful for and strangely enough, it's actually the smoke. That's really helping that happen. It's kept temperatures really low kept humidity high, and so now we have moisture in the air and fog. It's making favorable conditions for fighting fires. In terms of what we just heard. Aaron are the finger's pointing to climate change specifically in Oregon right now, I mean, is there more of acceptance that that in fact is what's leading the way here?

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