A I'm a big fan of air comfort solutions as well as Jason White.


That's the way it is for me, Jason White with us, so you great. He also is with their comfort solutions, reminding you to get your your furnished checkup and to call air comfort solutions for that, But that's the way it is for May. I'm not sure I mind if there's nobody in the stands, I want to see the game. Oh, absolutely. Jason When one further question I know you're still taken pretty good care of yourself. And here we are in the midst of this pandemic. Do you have any tips for people who are trying t not gain that cove? It 19 as they call it of the covert 15 and stay in shape. No, I I've, uh I've kind of made some changes myself. I've never much been for Washing my hands nonstop. No, no, I just have it And you know, I washed, you know, I used to wash him when it's appropriate after using the bathroom or from the heat or something like that, But Now I catch myself washing my hands. Every time I walk in the house or any time I have the opportunity, I just do it. And so you

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