Were originally put in way back when the builder built the house


Totally available. There are places signature hardware house of antique hardware online where you can find these brand new, fully functional. Directional H V A C registers that look like they're 100 years old. And on the opposite end of that spectrum, we can put an HBO registers that look like they are, You know George Jetson registers of the future or ones that blend into the wall and virtually disappear. So the point is whether your house is going to be ah super contemporary and modern. Or whether it's going to be AH, period house and look old and authentic. Either way. H V, a C and heating registers or just one of those things that people just like you on. Then there's that. It's an opportunity. It's that extra 10 15% of detail ing OK, you get in the flow there. We worry about the right door knobs for the inside of our house, but we totally ignore the hinges. And the doors. The doors themselves. Okay, the huge pet peeve here. I have walked into give billions of homes, some of which have just spent good billions of dollars on a remodel on ly to find and beautiful work on Ly to find The same old. Three panel White Hollow core tracked builder doors that you can get for $35 off the shelf at Home Depot right now, Please don't do that. But to find those same door sitting there That were originally put in way back when when the builder built the house No personality all the same key. Imagine that. I mean, I mean, think about you know, it's true because you've been in a million houses to all of our doors are the same. They came from all the same place. We're putting

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