Energy Healing for Food Issues and Body Image Recovery with Sarah Speers


Sarah Welcome to the show. Thanks so much for coming on. Could you talk about to kind of introduce yourself to listeners a little bit to start what were the biggest influences on your relationship with food and your body growing up Ooh I, love that question and thank you for having me. It's really interesting when I reflect on my relationship with soon, grind up I didn't think I had a lot of. Unhealthy eating. Messages I thought my family was relatively healthy. I thought I had a healthy relationship with food. In hindsight looking back I can see the the seeds of sort of unhealthy relationships creeping and mainly I would always eat sugar to self soothe as a kid and we used to have these nightly routines of always eating ice cream after dinner or using food as a reward, those sorts of situations which as an adult. Started to really come into fact in terms of my unhealthy eating habits and so as a child when I had this super active and I had a very high metabolism, it didn't appear to be an issue and then later in life I was able to see. Oh Wow, I really became attached to food and certain foods specifically became sort of my emotional crutch that I use as my wages Osu their self matic later in adulthood. Thank you for sharing that I. Love How you said. You know where you're talking about when people are kids if they're like just naturally in smaller bodies, it's like I love how you said it didn't matter that I was eating sugar like it didn't appear to matter. Right. So that's actually something that I run into a lot of the time when I coach kids for swimming and not something that I ran into growing up there people will be like, Oh you're swimmer it doesn't matter what you eat and the sense of. You can't see any changes on this people's bodies because they're teenagers and have insane metabolism's and also happened to have smaller body genetics I. Think it's so important to talk about that distinction. Yeah, and if I can also add that in terms of the body messages. Growing up because I was. So skinny might nickname literally on my sports teams or people my life would call me twiggy string bean and a my identity came really attached to having to be skinny to feel like I was valued or. Was Getting approval from people. So again and as an adult, you know sometimes we think your weight issues are just if you're overweight but for me, there is always this angst around I have to stay skinny because that's my identity in that's where my word comes from and so I didn't think I had. People affecting my body image growing up either I thought I had a lot of love for the people around me but even these seemingly harmless messages or fun nicknames were actually really shaping my identity to my body. Yes. So how did you go from that from kind of struggling with your relationship with food and with your body as a teen and maybe until like early twenties to transitioning to work with women on food freedom and specifically through energy work? Yeah. Will my story really took a turn it might twenty. So I would say most of my childhood teens and even young. Adult I felt like I had an okay relationship with food. But in my twenties I started to develop really severe eating disorder bulimia. Yeah and that happened because I started to go on a diet and I thought I wanna be really healthy and I wanted to see if I, can you know shed a few extra pounds and and that turned into a very obsessive? Counting calories coming up with really strict food roles and as a result, I just wasn't nursing my body and I was getting anxiety around what to eat and and it leads you very severe been gene and then bingeing purging I got stuck in that vicious cycle and suddenly I felt like. Oh. My Gosh how is life? Like you know the Pitney came one day when I was over the toilet that Oh, my God, this is not normal or healthy ns somehow become minority and so that became a struggle for six years. Once I got pulled into that I just was struggling so hard to get out and it controlled my life and it became my mission to heal my Sol's. So that I could then help other women because I did not want another woman to ever have to go through the agony and the like the torture that I was living in in my mind in just my reality, it was consumed and I lost myself to it and I was determined to get myself back if not better and then do everything in my power to help woman y'all. So that kind of started my like. My determination to figure this out and I was determined to try any in everything to to get better and so for a long time I, sort of was always turning to food. Let me try and control food. Let me use little power in. That will be my way to get over this like I'm just going to be perfect tomorrow. And that Kinda like I tried that over and over again and not just never worked right. The answer was not controlling food, and so I started to them look outside of that at other healing modalities. And I just got desperate inserted China everything in eventually stumbled Pon emotional freedom technique also noticed tapping and things like ricky and emotion code, and all these different energy healing modalities and Literally within a matter, six months pretty much all of my quote unquote symptoms seemingly disappeared like I just felt whole and complete again I felt like myself again, I felt empowered in normal again and it wasn't a fight or struggle. It just seems like as I got it through issue and really started to uncover all of these repressed emotions in the subconscious programming and these wounds. I didn't even know I was carrying. That were leading me to say stock in these unhealthy habits. Omega, it was like a radical shift, and so that is what made me then realized I need to get this massive these modalities out to as many women as I can because it may not be the one thing that's going to help but it is certainly missing piece in the equation and I think a lot of times we don't look at these other modalities that can be so powerful in conjunction with like proper nutrition or you know a good mindset etcetera. Yeah we're therapy exactly anything like that. Exactly.

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