Episode #49: Direct Connections - Jonny Mopar (Part 1)

Talking Mopars


From at least ten girls it would be seventy to eighty I. think if you compare that to the Chevy production numbers or even the Ford production numbers I bet you. They were I mean tens of loans maybe even hundreds of thousands less so. I mean. I think it has a lot to do with availability to be honest. I. It's hard to say because I think you're probably right because just when you look at the muscle cars themselves, I mean I made so much fewer Mo- parts than Chevys and fords general but I mean. It I and I definitely agree with you today if you even see a ten grill, like you'll see ten see tans and another F one, another tenth f one hundreds before you see another ten grill, you know but as a kid dude, I could tell you. Like, you couldn't drive a block without seeing a tint grill part somewhere somebody's driveway or in front of the House and I mean I would say, probably you're older school guys you know like my age and older probably remember them. But yeah, like my GRANDPA had one my my neighbors, my friends parents had one. And yet they were do they were everywhere but I'll tell you like when I started really getting into Mo- pars and carrying like I never really got into the numbers, the rare stuff, per se I. Never I just never had one and I never expected to Ford one because they were already starting to go up in value. In the nineties. They were already there always always out of reach. It's like the more money I made the more expensive they got I could could never really get to him. You know for but I distinctly remember driving through Riverside one day and seeing a spirit of seventy six tin grow. So. It was it was cool. So I knew the truck I knew they existed and I thought Oh man that is cool. But did this truck was A landscapers truck and this truck was put through the ringer like two or three times I. Mean it was hammered. There was not a straight panel on his truck all the way around it it was just. Dented Dean bent scraped I mean it was hammered and that is very typical. What I remember as a kid to like dodge trucks were worked trucks nobody nobody drove them because it was like, Hey, I mean there was probably a few guys but. Most of them were like I bought this truck to put to work nobody bottom to you know make them look pretty and lower or you know. Maybe raise them. You know it they just. Yeah there there was few customisations that I remember as a kid they were all work trucks. And I think that carried through all the way through the nineties and stuff. So you know maybe in the nineties started seeing guys. Kind of retro like that's cool. Let me fix it up. You know but. The. One big problem. I've seen in ten girl community and everybody who owns one can attest to this, and that's that the aftermarket support just isn't there and that's Why I believe that the production numbers were just so astronomically higher for Ford's and Chevy's that that is one of the reasons why is because so many people have those trucks versus Tim grills or other dodge trucks that you know the demand for the parts just wasn't there. But yeah, you know eventually they caught back on at least with. People that are outside the Mo- parsing are starting to get into the Mope Pars just because of the trucks, I've seen plenty of people that they're I mo par is a truck which I think is cool and you know swept lines they've been getting really popular on the show circuit and I think tim grills are next When you look at communities of see ten enthusiasts, they're huge and you know I've been on the ten girl page for Gosh. Two or three I think three years now. But I've I've been watching that grow like crazy and I'm like. We're onto something here is pretty cool. So. Yeah, I think it. All it needs is like a chip foods or akin dig it or like I would love to see the Martin Brothers do attend grill man I mean I like I like the way they built car so. Slammed truck with big wheels talked and everything with maybe like a hell of finit. Be Perfect. You know you're talking about builders and stuff. 'cause I've thought the ring brothers because they did that. The MC I think it was a javelin. They did the Javelin with the hell cat in it and it opened a lot of people's eyes to those. AMC's unfortunately those are even harder to find parts for for Then ten girls you know what I mean. Definitely. But I think I think I'll go ahead. I was GonNa say I think you're onto something there I think that if more. Influential builders start getting their hands on these trucks and because a lot of those guys are just you know they're fabricators. So it doesn't matter what's available in the aftermarket they'll make it. So I think it's just it's just GonNa take one of those guys to build an off the wall tin grill to really blow everything up and to that I'll say, hey, everybody out there get your ten girls now because as soon as as soon as that seen blows, the prices are going to go right up. So absolutely I'm glad I got mine hold onto it. Yeah.

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