County Sheriff's Department,


On resource is Then again, it goes back to the board of Supervisors and making sure that if whoever if they're going to do it internally Whoever whoever is in charge of it. That they are fully funded. And they have the best people involved, nonpartisan who Khun Go in and do a thorough examination of what's going on in there. I You know, we're in a budget recession now and it may get really worse the next coming years. Finally, I just want to get your take on what happened with our public radio colleague Josie Wong, reporter for KPCC, who was violently shoved by sheriff's deputies. She was wounded and then arrested. And Ah, lot of videos are confirming her version of offense as opposed to the sheriff's oration, which that she was basically obstructing their work. What do you think? About that whole incident. What's your take on it in the old days back to when he was only three channels. That's where you got your news and all of law enforcement knew one another and the press. Well, that's not the case now, and we also have a lot of bloggers. Internet folk who are kind of the press and so that that number has expanded and we have not updated. Law enforcement's

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