Add Lepow's 15.6-inch USB-C monitor to your home office



And I came up with this one. This is from a company called Lapel. Now Lapel it's a fifteen point six inch type C. Portable display. Oh Wow. So what it is is basically a high quality. Display like top but without it's just basically just an extension of a monitor, but it has the USB which means with USB device like a Amanda you've got the note common. Justin you have a pixel. Can Plug it into this and extend your smartphone onto the screen. But with HD, I can actually connect Miichi my from my laptop and connected to this and use it as an extended monitor. And half. At best buy right now, this is a case. So the AFC, which is a USB, it's not type see the AFC one which I looked at is ninety nine dollars. So if you need an extended monitor, you can do that with. It's not nineteen, twenty, ten eighty that one from the. League is a little less on the resolution for it. this one from the POW was. One, hundred, eight, hundred, Eighty, eight bucks. It comes with a real flimsy stand which is magnetic as you guys can see. I might invest in an actual stand for it, but I can just pull it up. Put it in my laptop bag at has power record. You could plug the power cord in has HDMI has. Again the C connector and I'm really looking forward to putting some use to this, and if I can do the drag drop easily off my laptop with it's sitting right there on could really heaven absolutely. Somebody. With a three D. Printer, they

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