US surgeon general made his first visit ever to UMC


With most people not wearing masks and no social distancing, Trump said, We're defeating the corona virus making that round beautiful. Last turn, the virus is still claiming 1000 lives a day in the U. S. In Nevada. Gatherings are limited to 50 people and Democratic governor Steve's Select criticised Trump, who went on the attack You have a governor right now is a political hat. He also unloaded on challenger Joe Biden is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics, Biden's campaign said in a statement. Every rally turned super spreader event Trump decides to hold so says another reminder. He refuses to take the pandemic seriously. I'm Julie Walker. Health officials in the bat have reported 317 new confirmed covert 19 cases and three additional deaths. Those latest numbers released Sunday increase the state white totals. The 73,537 cases 1452 known deaths. Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins University Data analysed by The Associated Press 27 day rolling averages for Nevada's Daily New cases and Delhi deaths dropping over the past two weeks.

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