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I'm not even going to wait. To Bury the leader, I am going to lead with the lead, which is apple's. Upcoming special event that's going to be happening on Tuesday the apple time flies special event virtual event. Not GonNa. Have any press their in person, but they are going to hold it on. Apple's campus. As. A matter of fact they put up a web page on their site for the virtual event and it has a little hidden Easter egg feature. If you go to the page on and I, list of ice, an IPAD or an iphone, and you tap on the little event logo, Apple Logo, you get a whole augmented reality experience that you can play around with. So it's pretty interesting I won't give away what is if you haven't seen it yet just fire up your way you're safari on Ios and go to the apple event page, but the event is going to be streamed live September fifteenth starting at ten Am Pacific Time from the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus. They're saying this one is going to be streamed I believe. So I don't know if there's going to be reproduced like they did the last apple event for worldwide developer conference or if it actually is truly going to be a live event, we'll just have to wait and see they are saying lives. So take them at their word on that one. As you can probably guess from the title, it is believed that this event is going to focus on Apple Watch, Time flies, watch it all fits. Typically, apple announces new watches alongside their iphones but as with almost everything this year this year is different. We already know that apple had plans to delay the announcements of release of the IPHONE that came up actually in the worldwide developer conference call or was it last quarterly results colleague Arab? Quarterly. Results called that came up and So we're not expecting iphones, but we are expecting Apple Watch. So Apple Watch series six is should be coming out. The rumors are looking to be true. We're expecting them to add a blood oxygen level monitoring as the main new health feature in it. Also, we're hearing about improved cardio gram or electrocardiogram features. Also, design is expected to remain mostly the same although we could always get some new finishes colors. Of course, new watch bans usually come out seasonally around this time. So the new fall colors we would expect to see that there is some hints that there might be a new blue color. Midnight Blue Agassi's this is also a rumor we've been hearing about surrounding the iphone twelve that it might come in a new. Blue Color. I'm I'm kind of thinking with a name like midnight blue. That it could be more like blue black SORTA like they did with the the green model in the iphone eleven although the logo for the new event is kind of this Pale lighter blue and I've seen some mockups and some people suspecting that it could be that sort of blue collar. But I think they specifically said midnight blue, which says to me a deep rich dark black. Style. Blue. So we could get a new color apple-watching that could be a hint of a possible new color item they a lot of times like to match those things and then there was also It's expected that they're going to drop the forced touch feature and that's mostly because they're also removing from watch os seven. So it doesn't really make sense need to have the hardware in there anymore, and apple has been moving away. From force touch. With all of their products in recent years. So that makes sense. There's also a rumor that I read that it could possibly the new Apple Watch. have. A fast charging feature to help better support the new sleep tracking that's coming in watch seven. So the ideas you'd be sleeping through the night and then when you're getting up in the morning I would remind you to throw it on the charger get charged back up for the day. and. So if you had a fast charging feature I think more people would be willing to do that to know the not going to run out with their to not. They're not going to excuse me run out of. Battery do during the day. So those are some of the new features planned for the APPALACHIA six or rumored to be planned for the Apple Watch series six. Also at this event, there are possible rumors of a replacement for the Apple Watch series three most of this information coming from leaker John Prosser. Says this is going to be the lower cost option. Apple has had the Apple Watch series three in the lineup that was kind of entry level Apple Watch, and then you would move from there. He says, the design would largely remain the same as the Apple Watch series for with a forty forty millimeter and a forty four millimeter size available. One of the things they would do to keep the cost down would would be that the new watch would not have some of the more advanced features like the e c g APP or the always on display definitely going to be an entry level model he also mentions the branding would be that the low cost model would be the Apple Watch with the series six, possibly getting a new apple watch pro branding, and while on the surface that makes a lot of sense considering how apple. Markets some of their other products and the other parts of the lineup kind of brings it in line with all of that, there has been some. there has been some conflicting information coming from I'm more who has been calling the new lower cost Apple Watch replacement for the Apple Watch series three Apple Watch S E and You know apple often will play around with different marketing names in different branding, leading all the way up to the event. So all of this kind of has to be taken with a grain of salt we won't really know to apple till apple announces it. So they've probably played around with all this branding. Do we take the low cost model and call it the se in that kind of matches with some of our other branding? Do we go the whole Apple Watch, Apple Watch pro route and I'm sure they've thought of it all. Who knows what they've actually decided on I? Guess we'll find out at the event on Tuesday.

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