Donald Trump, Prosecutor And Jussie Smollet discussed on Sean Hannity


But there's an update on the on the smelly case, and we'll get into that. In just a second. It turns out the city of Chicago is not just going to roll over. And I called for the the FBI or the DOJ or the president to call for some sort of oversight or review of what happened in that case. The idea that you could brush something under the rug allow the guy that makes them ridiculous remark about how how he's consistent and historian. He's been saying the same thing in his he's his mother's son. And he could never do something. Like, this is ridiculous. I guess more information came out yesterday that the brothers and Jerry and brothers. They actually admitted to putting the bleach inside of the was a some kind of Tabasco sauce bottle or something some kind of a steak sauce bottle something like that. But they admitted to doing that. And and putting the bleach on them, which I again, I'm not even sure they used to bleach, but the whole thing from start to finish we were skeptical about and the evidence proves even the district attorney or the prosecutor who recused herself who made the deal for smollet, even she said, oh, yes, we probably could have found him guilty. So talking about FOX this. Yeah. Right. Because right now on Fox News. They're also saying that she never formally accused herself. But she said she did. Right. But she didn't do it forms. So not so not like through the paperwork. It didn't actually recuse yourself. The public. She was going to. But didn't right at least? That's what Fox News just I just saw right now on the screen there you go. Yeah. We're finding more it looks. He should be out of a job. She should be forced to resign. Everybody who screwed this thing up should be forced to resign. And the the the deal that was made should be rescinded this guy should be tried. I gotta tell you, man. This is surprising coming from me. But I am super proud of Rahm Emanuel. And the superintendent is his name Johnson. I think it is. And the superintendent in Chicago who are saying, no, this is an okay. No. We don't accept it. No, this should not have happened this way, and this prosecutor should be clearly she should be out of a job. Trump calls Malek case embarrassment announces review is the headline from Reuters. And again, thank goodness. Absolutely. Should be asking for a review US president. Donald Trump said on Thursday today that the department of Justice will review the case of actor jussie smollet who is charged with staging a fake hate crime in Chicago before prosecutors abruptly dropped the case this week. Trump road early morning Twitter message announcing the review that the case had embarrassed the nation some light who was black and gays too. Many tact him on the street at night in January making homophobic and racist. Remarks porn chemical on them and putting a noose around his neck while shouting support for Trump. Investigators later charts Villette was paying thirty five hundred dollars to the two men to pretend to attack him in order to garner public sympathy for himself. Prosecutors dropped the charges Tuesday saying they stood by the accusation. But that an agreement by smollet to forfeit his ten thousand dollar bond was a just outcome. Slat? Thirty thirty-six says he's innocent did not stage the attack Tina Glenn one of the defense. Lawyers told NBC news on Thursday today that she was not concerned by the review to my knowledge nothing. Improper was done. She said in the interview, she acknowledges Millette was friendly with the man he accused of attacking him brothers and Bola and Joe I don't know how to say. And and that they'd spoken on the phone to one of them or he had who'd been working on his fifth. Fitness trainer about an hour before the incident. Quote, he had a hard time believing his friend would be behind this. She said asked about smell it smell at telling police is actually selling saying smoke smell it by accident now polar bear, maybe I should stop seeing smell IX calling them that. I guess. I guess asked about smollet telling polices attackers appear to be white Lindy. And speculated that the brothers who are black may have worn white face

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