Duke vs. Virginia Tech: Predictions for March Madness Sweet 16 matchup

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Nick when I look at Duke, they showed some vulnerability in escaping by the slimmest margins against UCF. But this is a team that's lost. Only one game this year when Williamson RJ bear and Cam radish have been on the floor. They've been. Of the most proficient under teams from any side in the power five conferences, hitting sneer Lee. Seventy one percent of the games they've exceeded expectations from beyond the arc. But can that continue against buzz Peterson his hokey defense? The first thing you think about his Virginia Tech beat Duke earlier this year, but Zion didn't play and Justin Robinson point guard. Virginia Tech didn't play in that game either. So you kind of take anything from that game tangibly and throw it out. But I will say this. I think the intangible aspect of of hearkening back to that game matters because they're always as even for a conference Bove or Judy tuxedos Duke when you see Duke trot onto the floor in the NCAA tournament. One of the biggest things you have to overcome as intimidation, and you have to believe you can beat the big dog the big bully deebo on the block and Virginia Tech.

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