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Virginia's one of Virginia the Carolinas New York, New jersey, Pennsylvania jerseys, definitely not in the Delaware. I gotta get this out because. Massachusetts. No. Because if anything was new I feel like if it was new. If they said, New Jersey wasn't guess because it's new arts so name them. So there had to be an old jersey. You know what I'm saying an old jersey? Yeah. So all right. You fucked me up though, now now, you're good Virginia. Okay. The the Carolinas. Hold on hold on. I got to open this up get all of them. All right. Okay. Said for Jinya the Carolina Carolina's. Yes, that's three Delaware Delaware's. Their New York. New York is their New Jersey jersey is there to my sprays Massachusetts Massachusetts is there. Maine. No fuck of Vermont. No. Think small. Rhode island. There you go. So eight them so five more days. I said Pennsylvania right now. But yes, that's. Say

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