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Draft Haskins. Right. That's that's the thought. Be a lot of pressure. There's a lot of people obviously that are ready for Eli to be done now over under eight for Eli too. I'm gonna go under. I'm gonna go on you know, what this looks like to ally for me. And again, you're to flip and young to remember this. But when I was a kid I was a Magic Johnson and the Lakers fan like I loved the Lakers. And I remember going out to visit family in L A one year as a kid and watching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar just slow like he looked like Dirk going up and down the floor at the all star game just knees going away, slowly moving up and down. No bounce in his step. No, hops. He got it every rebound that came directly to him. But he didn't get much like he hung around the league about three years too long. That's what I feel allies doing. He's on a bad team that people thought were gonna make major strides year ago. The giants did not do that. They were wildly disappointing. He's hanging around sixteenth. Sees I don't. Time. And if it means that you're going to start a rookie to usher Eli out the door. You may have to do that. I'll go I'll go under eight games allies start for the giants. Next year. Also last one up four point five weeks the amount of time before Bryce Harper and Manny Machado or on new teams and four point five weeks is opening day. Oh, they will be on open. They'll absolutely be on opening day roster. So less under under four and a half. Could you imagine if they weren't it sounds like a lot of fire here with Harper in the Phillies? I saw Jim bowdoin fomer GM the nationals. I saw him on CBS sports talking about how he expected something soon. He thought maybe even this weekend. It could happen. Now, you got Tim Kirk San lookout sums gonna happen with Harper. And I think Machado side somewhere day or two later, and it might be San Diego or the White Sox Phillies. Don't have any interest in Machado. Even Harper goes somewhere else doesn't sound like the nationals have interested in. But the fact that the dodgers and Yankees enter the dodgers had Machado, but they didn't even really express my interest in Harper. They'll both be on. I would say they'll both be on rosters in one. Week. You Phillies is going to be one of the team. They gonna handle Harper Machado. Who do you think? Harper. There's there's a lot of trusted people out there saying the Phillies and Harper really close. So I'll I'll ride with those people. I won't be too contrary in there. How's that? First and last podcast Tuesday morning to you. I last ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Always

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