Deutsche Bank set to announce merger talks with Commerzbank: source


Has learned to Deutsche Bank and Commerce Bank are ready to announce they are talking about a merger this after the German government signaled it will allow job in cost cuts the boards of both companies are planning to meet separately. As a first step Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank declined to comment. Bloomberg has learned Aaliyah's S E is exploring the possibility of a combination of its asset management arm with deutchebanks DWA group. A source says it's early in the deliberations, and the talks might not go anywhere as we've been reporting the Arlington Virginia county board unanimously approved a twenty three million dollar incentive package for Amazon to build a headquarters facility in crystal city. The five zero vote yesterday was the final action granting local and state subsidies to Amazon as part of its much publicized plan to create at least twenty five thousand jobs over twelve years. Investors took heart from last week's gains that saw the S and P five hundred rise two point nine percent for

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