How USC Is Dealing With the College Cheating Scam


Follow continues from the. College admissions scandal, many are looking at one of the prominent schools affected by it USC. Here's Chris Edens from L A each sports programs have been the center of several recruitment in bribery scandals each former campus gynecologist stands accused of molesting dozens of patients with administrators accused of not doing enough to stop it. Now, the college admissions cheating scandal, areola gross is a professor of law and history at USC didn't have the kind of oversight ring made it we didn't have the kind of faculty governance that we needed. So we saw unfortunately, a really terrible series of events on salt. And we hope things are on the way to turning around now. But we have a long way to go. Professor. Grow says, there's no way of knowing at this point if USC is simply a victim in the admission scandal, or if it bears responsibility in some

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