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This marketplace podcast is brought to you by ultimate software dedicated to putting people first with innovative solutions for HR payroll and talent management. Learn more at ultimate software dot com. Ultimate software people first and bell Novo for business. You're an IT. But why do you do what you do to make a difference? Emlyn ova was here to be a difference maker for you by providing innovative technology solutions to learn more. Visit Lenovo dot com slash SNB. Powered by Intel. All those unread emails in your inbox causing you stress. It may be turned to tackle them head on from American public media. This is marketplace tech demystifying the digital economy. I'm jed Kim in for. Molly would. It's spring, which means it's time to clean your winter. Clothes and storage swept and mopped cleared up the gutters. But what about that laptop that's littered with ten thousand photos unsorted documents and a barely visible desktop since digital storage space is so cheap. It's easy to keep amassing files. But that can take toll on our work in our wellbeing. Deb Lee is digital productivity coach she helps people weed out the virtual messes they've gotten themselves into we after what makes people finally give in decide to declutter. Well, usually there is some sort of a pain point. You can't find what you want. Maybe you're wasting time looking for what you want or you just can't seem to focus. So there's usually some sort of pain that triggers the desire to start getting things organized and putting things in order. How is doing a digital declutter different from doing declutter of your house? Well, the good news is that it's not that dip. Different. It's pretty similar. You still have a goal that you're trying to achieve most of us have things that we're not using. Sometimes we have duplicates of things because we couldn't find the original thing. So we went out and got the next thing. Right. So it's a pretty similar process. You have duplicates of things you have things that are just sort of lingering on your on your device that you're not using taking up space that you could use for other things that you are using or want to use. You know, how many times have we tried to take that photo? And it says up you're running out of space. Are you can't take that photo? Right. So that usually becomes a pain point. And then we recognize I can't capture these really important moments in my life because I've got all the stuff that I don't use. Or I don't need any more. What you find is the hardest part to declutter what it goes to our digital lives. I think it's the process of trying to fix it that perhaps sometime stops us that fear of goodness. It's going to take all day or take too long for me to manage this. I think that's. Where some of that reluctance to tackle it comes about. And sometimes when it has to do with things like your photographs they come with memories and special memories. You know, we sort of we feel attached to them. We remember those moments when we look at them, and we think well, we can't get rid of this photo. But if it's the fifth iteration of the same photo, then yes, you can so to make it a little bit easier. Start with those things that are obvious those duplicates or the the blurry photos or the ones where you can't make out. Exactly what it is that you took the picture of anyway, or those burst photos where you hold your finger on the phone so long that it just takes five hundred at the same time. And I know that because that just happened to me recently, but it's easy to delete. So definitely make deleting in Pershing sort of a regular habit. So it doesn't feel so much like a chore deadly is a digital productivity. Coach I asked her about her personal habits. And she's got a simple tip. You know, the home screen that pops up when you unlock your smartphone. She keeps it completely clear of anything except a calming picture totally stealing that. Then now for some related lists not into the idea of digital decluttering suppose, you could go the other way digital hoarding. That's the compulsion to save all things digital Mike photos of every receipt. You get or every single Email you've ever received. It's been studied. And some researchers think it's a some type of hoarding disorder witness the case in the B M J, aka British medical journal of a Dutch man who took and saved hundreds of digital photos every day turns out he hoarded physical objects to find yourself saving a lot of files. Get don't necessarily have a problem. Maybe you just get a kick out of collecting Gizmodo has a deep dive into digital hoarding. It makes a distinction between hoarding and collecting a digital collector might be the person who digitises all his old family photos and videotapes it can actually be a source of pride and positive feelings. Fine. Finally, if you think if firm morality is the answer for digital clutter by which I mean that some things can be put online with the expectation. They will disappear like Snapchat. Thank again. An article in wired questions the privacy expectations. Many people have with FM morality. And of course, there could always be a digital hoarder saving screen shots of whatever you typed. I'm jed Kim. And that's marketplace tech. This is APN. That's marketplace podcast is brought to you by well frame does your healthcare organization. Give people the support they need outside the walls of care delivery. It's time for a new approach. Well, frame calls it digital health management by delivering resources and guidance to address chronic conditions transitions of care as well as lifestyle, wellness and social determinants. Well, frame helps people and care teams build trusted relationships that Dr early interventions. Learn more at well frame dot com.

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