Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan says Mueller report shows no collusion


President Trump down in Florida yesterday about to head to the golf course. Couple thumbs up mostly quiet though this weekend. But we're joined now by one of his top defenders in the house, the top Republican on the house oversight committee. Jim Jordan, congressman. Thank you for joining us your best morning, you're you're championships. Right there. He says the fact that there are no new indictments is not necessarily vindication for the president. You agree. Well, we got to read the report, but what I do know is to date not one bit of evidence to show any type of coordination collusion conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the election, and that was the charge George when this thing started almost two years ago. The Democrats were all saying that the president of the United States work with a hostile foreign country to steal the election. And again, there's not been one bit of evidence to suggest that any of that happened. Well, there's been a fair amount of evidence that fourteen fourteen associates of Trump had over one hundred contacts with the Russians even though you're quite right. There was no charge of conspiracy. Does any of the information that's been revealed? About those contexts are about the fact that so many in the Trump world lied about those contexts concern, you well, I mean, look the central charge of of the special counsel was to see if there was conspiracy coordination or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to impact the election as I've said that was the focus of the of the entire special counsel investigation. We've not seen any of that. And again, remember, this is Bob Muller. This was the guy the Democrats and the Repub everyone in town said this is the guy we need for the job. He is the best person we can pick. He is. He is right next to Jesus he can almost walk on water. This is the guy and he will have the definitive statement on that fundamental question. We'll see the report, but all indications are that there's not gonna be any finding of any collusion whatsoever. How about the other concern that one of the other concerns the chairmanship raise right there? The fact that President Trump might be compromised because he was pursuing that Trump Tower in Moscow during the campaign, not telling the truth about it may still be pursuing it today. Come on. I mean, look, here's what's happened. They they don't think this Muller reports going to be the bombshell, they all anticipated. It was going to be. So now, they're launching all kinds of other charges all kinds of other investigation. They bring in Michael Cohen a few weeks ago. This was their first big hearing their first star witness there. First witness of the one hundred sixteenth congress a guy who's going to prison in six weeks for lying to congress. They bring him in. And what does he do he lies again, we think at least seven times under oath in front of the congress again? So that didn't that didn't work for him. Now, what's chairman, neither do Eighty-one different letters to sixty some different individuals starting a whole new fishing expedition, this is how they operate. So if it's not the bombshell, they wanted they bring in Cullen that doesn't work that hearing is a flop then they go with chairman Nadler Eighty-one different letters sent out there. This is how the Democrats are going to operate. We just got to be used to it and understand that that's where they're gonna go. Do you stand by your vote that the country should see congress? The entire Muller report the turning Jenner was clear in his letter. A short letter Friday. There was a lot of important things. He said in there. He said he's going to consult with rod Rosenstein, he's going to consult with the special counsel, Bob Muller, and he's going to release as much as he possibly can consistent with the law. I think the Democrats should be that should be what we all want an attorney general who operates according to the law. So I'm I'm for airing on the side of transparency the whole thing released. You didn't have those qualifications in the vote. Yes, we did consistent with the law. That's what we want. And and I think the Democrats would want the same thing. But I'll tell you this, George if he's got a release all the information that I want all of it released. I want those three, oh, I want the conversations between Bruce or and Christopher Steele the guy who wrote the dossier. Glenn simpson. The guy that Clinton campaign hired to put the dossier together. I want all those conversations that Bruce or had with Glenn Simpson. Christopher Steele, those recorded those notes from the FBI I want all that. Application to be made public when they use. They use that dossier took it to a secret court didn't tell the court the Clinton campaign paid for that document didn't tell the court a foreigner. Who was who was desperate to stop Trump from being elected, president wrote, the document I wanted that information released to the breeze thing. Let's let's release it all let's be clear on that. Then. So you agree with the Democrats all the underlying documents should be released top to bottom. The Muller report should be released. We've just gone through the special counsel regulations. There's nothing in the law that precludes the attorney general from release that I'm saying that the attorney general said follow the statute. And that's what he's indicated. He's going to do in consultation with rod Rosenstein and Bob Muller. I think the Democrats should be happy with that. They said Bob Mueller was the guy that they wanted to do this investigation. Billboards Bill bars going to consult with him and decide what he can release. But if they do release everything then by golly release, it all show is application show us two three. Oh to show us the information. They gave the gang of eight the gang of eight with Adam. Mm ship was a part of that the gang of eight when they talk to them way back with about this dossier about what took place at the a court and about the start of this counterintelligence investigation show us all that information to the American people deserve we've asked for that information to be made public a long time ago because that goes to what these top people this cabal top of the FBI what they did when they launched this thing. Clear back in the summer and fall of twenty sixteen before the election, the president could order all this released on his own all of the declassified on his own. We urge him to do that. I've urged him to do to release this stuff. I just described. I sure have the stuff that Jim call me Andy McCabe. Jim Baker Lisa page. Peter Struck all this stuff that they had started with the dossier and all this stuff that they'd started initially with this investigation prior to the election. We urge him to order the release of the mullahs report is well again, that's the attorney general's call. And he's gonna do that consistent with the law saying is if the Democrats if the Democrats are gonna call for all that to be released, then they should call for everything to be asking you a different question. Now, the president has this authority. Are you asking the president to order the release of the Miller report, that's the that's the president's call? He said he wanted to be made public. He said that the other day when he was walking. I think out in front of the press. I think last Wednesday he said that. So that's that's the White House has called you mentioned the here. Michael Cohen a couple of weeks back as we know from the southern district of New York. They concluded that President Trump was individual one who directed. Michael Cohen to make those hush money payments to influence the election, essentially, directed a felony. Does that concern you, look, I I like I said Michael Cohen came in front of our committee, and he lied, we think at least seven times, that's why congressman meadows an ice in a criminal referral letter to the Justice department. We know he lied about his when he said he didn't want a job in the White House. We know that was a lie. Every every media outlet in the country had reported that is the conclusion of the southern district. Prosecutors they're the ones who said that individual one President Trump directed Michael Cohen to do this. Well, I mean, there's they have their investigation that they're doing in the southern district of New York. What I choose to focus on is the fundamental the charge of the of the special counsel was to look at collusion. We have not seen any of that. What I also know is Michael Cohen cannot be trusted any prove that when he was when he came back in front of the committee and several times lied under oath. I think the real question years will chairman Cummings. Join us in demanding that Michael Cohen be charged for perjury by the Justice department. I think he should do that. He was very clear at the start of the hearing. He said, Mr. Cohen, if you don't tell the truth, I'm going to hold you accountable, and we've seen nothing from chairman Cummings to do any of that any kind of holding him accountable at all so just to be clear the president's involvement of those payments doesn't concern you the president has had an amazing two years. He was in. He was in Ohio last Wednesday. And what I saw was people lining the street is he wrote. From the airport to the tank plant where we build the best tanks in the world. I saw people cheering him because they understand that this presence committed to fighting for the American people and getting accomplish the things he told the American people he was gonna do it was an amazing reception. He received from all kinds of folks here in the fourth district of Ohio just last

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