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System barreling through the south on Friday killed an eight-year-old girl in Florida and threatened to bring tornadoes two parts of the Carolinas in Virginia. Storm prediction center. Meteorologist John Hart says the weather patterns should come down. Now, the storm that is produced so much of the severe weather for the past two or three days across the southern and southeastern United States is moving offshore. And so through the weekend storms be off the coast. The threat of severe weather will have ended in the weather. We'll get much quieter across the nation. On Capitol Hill are calling for the attorney general to release the full unredacted report from special counsel. Robert muller. House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler has issued a subpoena for the report a DOJ spokeswoman is calling the subpoena premature an unnecessary. This is USA radio news. It's amazing. But true when it comes to one of America's biggest household expenditures healthcare. A lot of people think they've got no choice. People used to thinking we have to do it this way. But they don't. Yes, you have the freedom to choose alternative with your healthcare. It's meta share in it costs way, less than the alternatives the typical family's as five hundred dollars a month, not a year a month. And if you're single this can save you a lot too. And let's face it. A big reason medishare's four hundred thousand people strong it just works. They shared over three billion in medical bills. So they can help share your needs to joining medishare for so many people is one of those things that makes. You say why didn't I do this before? So yes, the time has come for something better looking at joining meta share and see why so many people are opting out of the old way into the new why not look into this this call eight five five ninety som- that's eight five five nine zero P S A L eight five five ninety song a presidential candidate turns down donation. Here's more from USA's. Rick Vincent presidential candidate. Robert. Or ROY tells a group of supporters in New Hampshire that he's returning a donation from group he promised not to accept money from I was just told as we drove in that we accepted on on one the last days of the FCC filing period. It Chuck from a lobbyist. We are returning that check from the lobbyists because we declared the outset. Money from the check was reportedly from Chevron lobbyist in New Mexico for two hundred fifty dollars, according to the Washington Examiner earlier this week Bloomberg reported or work declined to sign a pledge spearheaded by climate change activists that would have bound him to refuse to accept any donations from the fossil fuel industry. Paris singing and giving thanks that. Most of the Notre Dame cathedral is still sending there were prayers and thanks on. Good Friday, a fire four days earlier, burn through the cathedral feelings, but the structure was saved. You're listening to USA radio news, the best sleep of my life has been since I got a my pillow. And since I got my dream.

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