OK Cupid Uses Game of Thrones to Match Love Interests


This episode of business wars daily is brought to you by central online from Pitney Bowes. They make it easy to save time and money. No matter what you ship or male. You can try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pounds scale. But only by visiting PB dot com slash b w daily. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this TGI Friday, April fit, you know, what it's like you go on a first date and find that the only things you have in common or your neighborhood and a fondness for hiking. When she added those the conversation Peters out painfully over French fries. Figuring out what makes people attracted to one. Another is the unanswered question of the dating world apps attack it in wildly different ways, some profound some well. Let's just say not so much. Okay. Cupid for example, asks a million questions these questions are often blush worthy. But entertaining, they're asked in an effort to narrow down your interests to Manusha. Now, they're asking yet. One more question about one of the most popular fantasy TV series of all time HBO's game of thrones. For the next couple of months. Okay. Cupid is banking on the idea. That our TV preferences may tell us something about our real life desires recently. Okay. Sees data. Scientists noted that more than two million users mentioned game of thrones on their dating profiles. So okay. See has made a special game of thrones badge that fans can add to their profiles. Now, there's a conversation starter for that. I ate like reading your horoscope users can also discern supposed correlations between favorite game of thrones characters and the type of lover they hope to attract now all this may sound silly. But scientists have long puzzled over the dilemma of chemistry without drawing final conclusions about what brings us together. But whether the game of thrones campaign will result in marriage in babies may in fact, be irrelevant as a marketing tactic anything that generates publicity for dating site is serious business, the online dating industries highly competitive, okay? See owner match group has been buying up competitive. Sites for years building, a real life dynasty one target that has so far spurned matches advances is woman Centric site bumble which claims to have about forty five million users CEO Whitney Wolfe heard has said she's considering an IPO not only has she turned match down so far, but the two companies are fighting legal battles over intellectual property rights. We'll okay. So you track new users with its game of thrones appeal giving match group that much more power in ability to defend its realm or is the campaign timed with a hugely hyped TV shows final season, simply an attention getter. For investors observers more interested in money than matchmaking. That's the cliffhanger to watch. From wondering this business wars daily. This week's episodes were written edited and produced by Elaine, Appleton grant, Emma court lend is our editor producer, our executive producer is Marshall Louis created by earn on Lopez or wondering, I'm David Brown. Rosie next week. This episode of business was daily is brought to you by sin pro online from Pitney Bowes Centro online makes it easy to save time and money, no matter what you ship or male, plus you can print shipping, labels and stamps, right? From your desk with sent pro software. You can compare rates between shipping carriers and gain access to special USPS savings. You can try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pounds scale, but only by visiting PB dot com slash BWI daily. That's PB dot com slash BW daily.

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