News in Brief 21 February 2019

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This is the news and brief from the United Nations. The use of a snake by Indonesian police during the interrogation of indigenous Papuan boy amounts to torture. You at appointed rights experts said on Thursday, an online video released earlier this month shows the handcuffed youngster arrested for allegedly stealing a mobile phone screaming in fear as officers pushed the snake's head towards his face. The case is just the latest in a widespread pattern of violence alleged arbitrary arrests and methods amounting to torture by the Indonesian police and military in Papa the rights experts insisted representatives of the Indonesian police have publicly acknowledged the instant and apologized for it. But the UN experts appealed for prompt and impartial investigations to be carried out. I think that such tactics are often used against indigenous Papuans and human rights defenders the development comes amid an ongoing military operation in Papua. Which became part of Indonesia in nineteen sixty nine and has seen an increasingly vocal pro independence movement. U N secretary General Antonio guitarist has called for the international process of decolonization to be brought to a successful conclusion as he addressed the special committee on the subject at union headquarters in New York on Thursday, mister Gutierrez reminded his audience that decolonization is one of the most significant chapters in the US history. Propelling the growth of the organization today's total of one hundred and ninety three countries. But he added there is still work to be done as seventeen. Territories around the world are waiting to attain itself. Government the U N G specifically mentioned the case of New Caledonia which 2018 held a referendum on independence from France. Who's corporation in the process? He said was commendable. Countries around the world have been celebrating international mother language day on February the twenty first, but for Ben goalies, it has a particular significance. The day was officially recognized by the general assembly in two thousand eight following lobbying by Bangladesh, but the origins stretch back to nineteen fifty two when Bangaladeshi was still a part of Pakistan Bengali students protested, a government older imposing or do as the sole national language and the widespread unrest that followed led to the Bengali language been granted official status for years later. Speaking to pulling a grip from your news. I'm Bassett Masud been moment. Pummit Representative of Bangladesh to the UN explained what his country is doing to ensure linguistic diversity worldwide in Bala dish. We have set up an international mother language center to research languages, which are vanishing and also out to protect them, promote them, preserve them. We should all strive to. Protect whatever you have from the past and languages is the most significant manifestation of any such culture identities on the basis of language than we have songs and lullabies and other cultural forms, and you can hear the full interview with embassador moment on our website, news dot U, N dot org. Kodo leadin U N news.

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