Is there a difference between weather and climate?

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Do you know the difference between the terms weather and climate? It's an important distinction. If you follow science news, and we've gotten a lot of questions about it lately. So today, I've got you covered as reported by the conversation weather, basically refers to stuff happening, right? This second like cloud, cover and temperature. You know, the day to day conditions of the atmosphere. Climate is a more macro view. It describes the average atmospheric conditions over many years. In fact, the World Meteorological Organization says that figuring out a climate record. Takes a minimum of thirty years of data. This includes things like average annual rainfall overall direction of the wind or what time of year, you're most likely to see snow. Here's. An analogy that might help. It comes from Jennifer Fitchet, who's a senior lecturer in physical geography at the university of the Witwatersand. The climate is like your wardrobe. You got a winter coat and scarf, or when it's cold flip flops in shorts for when it's warm and everything in between whether is the individual item of clothing you choose to wear you change what you wear from day to day. If it snowing you put on boots, and if it's really hot you might wear sandals. The thing is everyone in the world doesn't have the same wardrobe. If you live right on the equator, then you probably don't have a winter coat, and that brings us back to weather and climate the conditions in one place are different from the conditions far away from wherever you are. Here's what that means for how we can understand climate projections and climate forecasts the weather forecast, you see on TV or on your phones weather app is there to help you figure out what to wear on the other hand climate projections. Tell you what scientists think the climate will be in forty fifty maybe a hundred years climate projections are a war. Warning that we might want to change up our wardrobe. Maybe we won't need such heavy coats. And maybe it's a good time to pick up some shorts or umbrellas or raincoats. There's no need to switch up your whole wardrobe overnight. Just take your time look ahead and plan and adapt and hopefully stay dry a sect is a real astronomical unit of measurement with cool origins. Yes. It measures distance not time. Yes. The term was used improperly in the original Star Wars. Yes. I will. Absolutely get to that in a few minutes. No, Ashley, you're not getting out of this one. I love Star Wars that I'm cost played Star Wars character. This is true. Well, we're all gonna love stores by the end of this. Here's the deal. One person is a quivalent to three points to six late years. That's nineteen trillion miles or thirty one trillion kilometers, if that seems excessive that's because it absolutely is. But when it comes to measuring astronomically large distances between. Objects that are beyond our solar system. Excessively large is just right. I said beyond our solar system, by the way for you to travel one parcel from earth. You would have to go from here to the sun and back two hundred six thousand two hundred sixty five times, I told you it was big the word purse that comes from two words Pera lax and our second para lacks describes when an object's location seems to have changed because your location changed. Astronomers use para lax to judge the distance of object in the sky, if you know, how far the earth has moved and you can measure how far the object moved across its starry backdrop you can judge distance. You actually use parallel to judge the distance of things all the time. You're too is see the world from slightly different angles, and your brain crunches, the numbers to tell you how far away everything is from you. The second half of Parsi refers to an arc second in arc. Second is part of a measurement of an angle. You know, how a circle is three hundred sixty degrees. Imaginer standing with a full view of the horizon around you if you sliced the horizon into three hundred sixty degrees each degree would be about twice the width of the full moon divide one of those degrees into sixty pieces, and you get the width of an arc minute divide. One of those up by sixty again, and you get an arc second. Putting it all together. A par sec is the Pera lacks of one arc second. In other words, if an object in the sky moves by one arc second when the earth moves by one astronomical unit. Then the object is one par cycle way to put that in perspective. Proxima centauri is the star. That's our closest neighbor, and it's one point three par away for more perspective the millennium falcon made the kessel run in twelve par sex, and I'm sorry pedants. But before you go criticizing stores for this, quote, unquote mistake, I you need to understand what the kessel run actually is you'll feed skip forward thirty seconds or so if you can't handle my nerdiness in Star Wars, Ken. In the kessel run is a route used by smugglers to transport in illicit substance from minds on the planet kessel through a region of space that belongs to the galactic empire. So it's an illegal smuggling route. And this route includes a cluster of black holes known as the Ma as you know, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So when Hans solo said he made the kessel run in twelve par sex. He was referring to his daring knish and piloting skills and the sophisticated computer on the money on falcon that he was able to use to navigate close to those black holes while not getting sucked in I was aware of this reading books from the Star Wars expanded universe. And I was a kid, but thanks to Disney. They are no longer canon. But they also address this in the twentieth. Eighteen films solo Star Wars story, which I still have not seen. But they address all of this after the movie happened. Does doesn't matter doesn't make just made it up afterward to make that line? Okay. To work. No, still works. That is art. That's how you craft a story. I think this is the biggest debate we've ever had in this. The kessel run. Obviously makes Cody happy, you know, who else is happy by most metrics Scandinavians, the annual world happiness report consistently rates the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland among the top ten happiest nations. So today, we'll wrap up with some life philosophies from Nordic countries that might make you a little happier in your own life. I is hugging. The Danish concept of Hooda translates to something like coziness of the soul. It's the feeling you get when you're snuggled up under a blanket with a loved one drinking cocoa by the fire as a life philosophy. It's all about allowing yourself guilt free indulgences, especially when the world is dark and dreary anything from getting together with family and friends for a meal to spending time on your own reading a good book like from the Star Wars expanded universe to sand. The next philosophy is Logam logo is a Swedish word that roughly translates to just right or optimal. You probably heard the saying everything in moderation, including moderation. That's what logo is all about. Whether that's how much sugared add to a batch of cookies or how much of your life. You devote to your work. This philosophy urges a healthy balance. That doesn't swing too far in any direction and one other philosophy is see sue. It's a unique finish concept. That's about persisting through challenges until you reach the end the term roughly translates into English as a strength of will, determination perseverance and acting rationally in the face of adversity. It's not about courage in the moment. But the kind of courage that has to last over time after inspiration has sputtered out. And the real challenge has shown itself, you can read about these and other philosophies in our full right up on curiosity dot com and on our free curiosity app for Android an I o s but none of these pique your interest. Then you can always turn to fica. That's just another word for coffee break a new. Doesn't like coffee or breaks? Today's ad fiasco sewed was brought to you by our patrons special. Thanks to carry Greenwald. Anthony highland. Maximilian rate in Johnson and Julianne Gomez for your support on patriot. We really appreciate it. To learn more about how you can support curiosity daily, please. Visit patriarch dot com slash curiosity dot com. All spelled out. Join us against Moore for the award-winning curiosity daily. And learn something new and just a few par sex. I'm Cody Goth, and I'm Ashley Hamer, stay curious. On the Westwood One podcast network.

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