Brothers sue Jussie Smollett's lawyers, claiming defamation


FM two brothers who say they help jussie smollet stage in attack or now suing attorneys for the empire actor claiming defamation WBZ BBN's Nancy hardy joins us live now at the anchor desk with the latest glorious Schmidt says she and other attorneys for Ola and able ocean Dairo filed the sixteen page lawsuit in federal court this morning against mullets lawyers. Mark era goes Antena. Glad my city might police department and my clients all deserve to have their reputations restored. She says the brothers have tremendous regret for their part in what she calls a publicity stunt, but says they had no role in calling or defrauding Chicago police attorney, Greg Kula says the ocean. Dioz have suffered financially from this can't get jobs right now. They're having issues. Trying to make ends meet police alleged cement smollet pay. The brothers to help them stage a racist and homophobic attack. The state's attorney's office drop the charges but smell. It maintains. It wasn't

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