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Kings' Marvin Bagley Helped Off Court After Knee Injury vs. Bucks



Row and then Isaiah Mitchell at the kings tonight against the box Marvin Bagley not looking good. A big injury. Now, I said the kings were down. Give them credit Marvin Bagley glimpse of the locker room or needs. Help the locker room with eleven seconds to go the kings one twenty six now tied one twenty six hundred twenty six so that game. Someone maybe had the overtime if not the kings do have the basketball. So a big win for the king's considering what's happening in against a very good bucks. Bucks team that's tops in the Eastern Conference. I think if the kings do make the postseason they will be the team that the a fan of non playoff team or casual fan kind of polls for now they would have to most likely do if the warriors. So they're not gonna they're not gonna upset the words, but they can they can make it fun and a tree they will be the team that because they're young and fond that people I think will gravitate towards a little bit. If the kings can get to the postseason, but that requires them having Marvin Bagley, and he's apparently if he's out for a considerable amount of time, how does this open things up for the Lakers and are caught by the way a left knee sprain right now. So hopefully, not an ACO left knee springing comeback this year Zion had a niece brain. But you probably won't come back this year. I on the Duke lost a one one of the

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