How to Control Butterflies in Your Stomach

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A scientific reason why you get butterflies in your stomach, and we've got some advice for controlling it. There's also a reason why you get the same feeling when you're standing on a high ledge that you get when you've just walked is with your crush in L comes down to your nervous system. You've probably heard of your fight or flight response. But have you heard of rest and digest? These are nicknames for each branch of your nervous system, which controls bodily processes without your conscious input fighter. Flight comes from the sympathetic division that prepares your body for emergencies by increasing your heart rate, widening your Airways and making your palms. Sweat and pupils dilate the para sympathetic division has the rest and digest Monica because it's what controls your body during ordinary situations it essentially slows down your heart rate, and breathing and. Decreases your blood pressure, but in order to help you survive in emergency. Whether that's a sabertooth tiger or a parking attendant approaching illegally parks car. You're sympathetic nervous system has to make some sacrifices when it seized the Android coming it triggers. The release of adrenaline and cortisol which increases your heart rate, and shunts blood, your heart, and leg muscles and away. From your digestive system. The blood vessels surrounding your stomach and intestines constrict in the digestive muscles contract. It's that drop in blood flow. That makes you feel like winged insects or fluttering around in your stomach. The reason you get the same fluttering feeling when you're strapping in for a skydive, the you do when you go on a promising second date is because they triggered the same physiological reaction. Sweaty palms or racing heart dilated pupils all that stuff. And hey, considering the fact that procreation is the end goal of evolution. It makes sense that the site of a potential mate is an emergency situation for an organism like you. But just because your body reacts the same way doesn't. You mean you've lost control? How you interpret those reactions matters. So the next time you're a bundle of nerves before a big performance or an important meeting or a hot date reframed, the feeling think about how incredibly excited you are about the opportunity that way, you can channel all that sympathetic nervous system energy into doing your very best.

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