Writers' Guild Agrees to Six-Day Delay for Tightened Agency Rules


And by extension, the entertainment consuming public that is all the rest of us have avoided at least for now a disruption to our nevarez content consumption habit. We're talking to you about writers and their agents. There had been a Saturday night deadline for the members of the writers guild of America to fire their agents, amass that has been pushed back a week to Friday midnight. But the core issue still hold writers pay and who the agents are actually working for and as marketplace's Scott Tong reports, the very business model of modern Hollywood might be hanging in the balance a long time ago Hollywood writer. Had it simple. They got an agent who got him a deal on a movie or a show in the agent took ten percent. Well, that's changed. These days the beginning take the writers producers and actors package them together and sell the whole bundle in the agents. Get big paydays. Jesse stern has written for TV shows like NCIS and bull scary to believe that your agency might be set up in a way where they have a conflict of interest where their agents are not capable of being directly devoted to your interests above all else. The fifteen thousand member writers guild has voted to fire agents who won't end packaging, and that could deliver a blow to the biggest talent houses like William Morris endeavor and see a show biz historian and writer, Alex, Ben block, there's four or five really large agencies who control by far the most important talent. If the agencies refused to give up the lucrative packaging. These members would go to other ages the. Agency's argue that packaging is writers and producers leverage, and for now these agencies are negotiating with the writers guilds, but should midnight Friday come with no deal. The industry could turn up side down says Dominic pattern. He senior editor for deadline. Hollywood clearly the nuclear option is now on the table, and there can be a process in which you will see scripted television on cable screaming and network stop. So he says be ready for even more reality TV, if the writers exit or some are calling it rigs it,

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