Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman Face Possible Jail Time In College Scandal


Earlier this week, Laurie Laughlin and Felicity Huffman both faced a judge in Boston. Amidst their college. Cheating scandal. And here's the Wild Thing. Prosecutors apparently are adamant that they serve jail time. They should. I don't think these women are a danger to society. I don't know. I don't think they should serve jail time. Maybe house arrest. Maybe donate a ton of money. Why do we have to let me let you behind the curtain entitled rich people are always going to get their way. That's how it works. I think intent in everything not just in legal matter. But intent is key. That's why I am not one of those even hate saying because it's been co opted by people I don't even want to give a name to. I don't think being politically correct is a bad thing. It just means you're mindful of others. However, as we spoke about a few podcasts ago when I wore that fierce outfit to good morning Britain's Oscars special people were upset at me saying it was cultural appropriation suck it intent is really important. Okay. I don't think these women knew that. There was even a possibility. They end up in jail if they were aware that there was a possibility that they could end up in jail. And then they still did it then they should serve jail time. For example, if Lori Lachlan and Felicity Huffman were drunk driving. You know, if you drunk if you drive under the influence, the jails real possibility and then locked those bitches up, but for what they did. I don't think there should be in jail. That's just me. Rich people trying to cheat the system that's the system. That's what's in place. And that's I happen to agree with you. But I just want to say I I was right. And I told you so because I love saying that we spoke about a few weeks ago. John stamos in relation to his co star, Laurie Lachlan's drama, and John stamos was asked for comment, and he refused to comment and Booker said that was the right thing to comment to some vermin with the camera on the side of the street. Sorry, you don't know that person anything nothing. Well, why would? You give them anything. Well, Candace Cameron berate who plays DJ on fuller house and full house was asked about the Laurie Lachlan drama. Did you hear that? Do you think she responded or not from where we're going? It sounds like that. She did. All right. See that. Yes. But but Peres, I think you're missing the point my point was so you didn't. Oh, okay. Those people to apologize. That's my point that I'm not saying you should've Apollo by the way, I don't I wouldn't have a problem if he did either. Anyways. I don't have a problem. I already said if you podcast go what he should have said. Which is basically what Candace Cameron said. Can this Cameron was asked about this on the today show? And she said, quote, it's too personal to us. And we would never want to talk about someone. That's such a dear and close friend. Okay. I've already said that we are family, and we stand by each other and pray for each other. And. We'll always be there for each other. So here's what I'll say to that. Why is Candace Cameron on the today show? She's there to comment on this. The publicist got together and said, this would be a good look Candace Cameron probably got on the phone with Lori lock lunar, whomever and said, no, no it wasn't not on there. Just talk about that. Oh, please. What are they having promoting fuller house? I think okay. Because one of the other girls Blitzer show that morning. It was like we've got no sporting we need someone to talk about our outlets. Stephanie, Stephanie, what was said, sure, whatever let's ask you a little and was on with her as you got to see behind the curtain Abramson. They weren't all in cahoots. They got together that is not how the today's show works on there. Just to talk about. Yeah. Actually. Yes. They one hundred percent. Did you watch the launch only thirty seconds the rest of their appearance with something else? That's all they wanted was that sound bite. So they can talk about it in that. They got the exclusive. That's how it works.

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