How to Talk with your Employee about Their Accent

From Scratch


Wanna talk about some of the cultural issues that whip row faces among them angry Americans who will call up and say, I don't wanna speak to anybody with an accent. How are you training? Your whip bro employees to deal with American customers. For example, we do very significant language training. We do very significant action training. But today, even if you were to pick up a phone in the United States. I mean, there's so much diversity in culture in the United States. You can get all kinds of accents including Mexican axons. Vanish axons New York accents been western accents it. So what is an accident in? What is not an accent anymore? I think at the end of the day does the customer get a service. He or she wants in terms of an end service end product. Think it's kinda sad that you offer accent classes, where we do because, you know, otherwise, there's a question of understanding on the other side, you know, because of accent in familiarity and what's wrong with that. There's a little latte of cultural identity, perhaps it's going to happen. Anyway, come in the influence of the rest is getting so predominant in emerging

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