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To this point. We've got Abilene Christian beating Kentucky. We have seen the whole over walford. And we have Georgia state over Houston. All upsets is it your belief that any of those could actually happen. I would say you might as well just go and put money on those because if any of those hit you guys are going to be rich your need. The giants sponsor the show. So. Look, I think I don't know you say you had Wofford or seeing hall winning that game. We have Seton Hall. Seton Hall is winning that game. Yeah. Like, I think that's one that could realistically happen. I will say that while you know, me the supposed- expert isn't picking Georgia's state like I don't think it's inconceivable that they win that game. They they have no probably have the best player on the floor. They have a kid named DeMarcus Simmons who's going to play in the NBA at some point. He he actually he averaged eighteen a game this year and his numbers are actually down a little bit. So I don't know that I would be the guy to pick Abilene Christian over to Turkey. If that's where the darts are going. I do think you're right. Yeah. The the dogs are feeling it and might be by the way, we should tell everyone that you're biased can you? Tell everyone the name of your book. Please. Oh, yeah. No. I had a book about Kentucky basketball. You know, what I was gonna say to you was is that when you say nobody knows what they're doing. So I I said this on another radio interview this morning is there's a reason that they offer a billion dollars for a perfect bracket every year, and nobody wins it. So I think that as much as I'd like to say that the hours and days, I've spent in front of the TV and talking to coaches and talking to you know, is that it's all worthwhile. When I fill out the bracket. I don't know that throwing darts at a wall isn't just a better option than what I've been doing. Thank you very much. Would you like to be with us right now as we select a couple more games? Yes. Okay. I tell me what you think real quick just give me like fifteen seconds or less on Ohio State versus Iowa State. So I always state they got three or four pros on that team. They could legit make the Sweet Sixteen or elite. I wanna be surprised they could legit lose to Ohio State. And I would it be spread. Okay. So if you wouldn't be surprised by anything. This is a a pressure free throw that I'm about to make Ohio states the eleven I was states the six so rat is Ohio State Brown will be Iowa State. Here we go. We got read. Again, we got nothing but upset so Ohio State is going to defeat. I was day. But you don't think that's crazy. I don't think it's crazy. So state hit Ohio State. Yeah. We've got nothing. We've take four games so far. It's all upsets, I don't know why I'm hitting hitting all here on the board. There you go out to Vegas. It all read their. Let's you know. So no, I don't I don't think that's insane. At all. I mean, Ohio State plays in the big ten. They laid great teams all year. They've been good teams Iowa State again. These are the facts that are going to be meaningless when my bracket blows up, but they lost five out of their last six games in the regular season. They got hot in the last week. I don't think it's insane. At all that Ohio State would pull that upset. Okay. Let's do one more Jimmy ten seconds on Kansas versus northeastern. Kansas. I'll say this hits read I won't be surprised really was Kansas was a biz mole on the road this year. So they had a couple injuries. A couple of suspensions. You know, one guy's not playing, you know, guardian took some money and got caught by the FBI. And so they went like one in seven away from home in their last eight games. So it waiting their last eight games away from home. So it would not surprise me. If on a neutral court, they got upset I'd hear it goes, Kansas versus northeastern. Okay, Kansas is going to survive Kansas is going to win round one. So we do have our first favorite of the first round. And will be Kansas defeating northeastern very exciting stuff. I'm I'm glad that you're you're right in the middle here, though that you're you're becoming one of us us us. Every man college basketball fans were just like, yeah. I'd this could go either way. I'm glad you're saying that right now. Well, I remember a few years ago. First of all my bracket is always the worst one. And everyone's like, what are your picks? And I'm like, you don't really want my picks. But I remember, you know, I was talking with our buddy Colin cowherd three years ago. And he said do you get mad when everybody else that doesn't watch like me has a better bracket than you? And I said, you know, Colin, I'm a lot like Bill Belichick. I just focus on myself. I don't worry about the outside noise. What it does drive me a little bananas that all these all these men hours. I put loving the sport. And it's all for nothing come March. I wanna ask you this. This is a conversation that was happening here at the office about an hour ago. Which is the best college basketball team in the state of California this year. Oh, man. I feel like I had this conversation. It's obviously not USC. It's not. I'm trying to think, you know, I think it might be UCLA by down. And there's only there's just a letter listeners. All there's only two teams from the entire state of California in this bracket at its UC Irvine, it probably should have been without a major upset. It would have only been one. It's UC Irvine in Saint Mary's that's wild that's wild. I think Saint Mary's would probably went on a neutral court, but I'll tell you what Irvine is one if the dark skew towards Irvine that would not surprise me at all like, I know you said a minute ago. Nobody knows these head coaches follow, blah, all I'm saying is as cow is abysmal in the Pac twelve Russell Turner. Who's the head coach at UC Irvine? They could be they could do themselves a favor to give him a call, by the way, he coached at Stanford. He was in assistant with the Golden State Warriors. He knows the bay area that guy can coaches, you know, what off I don't know that he'd be a great interview for your show. You just want more entertaining. College basketball. You should have your. Your buddies over Cal get him a call. Hey, while we're on it. What are we doing here with with Pac twelve sports? What's what's what's happening right now? So as anti Pac twelve is anybody as everybody because I think the bottom line is we had the worst combined year ever since they've been recording numbers in wins and losses for Zona and UCLA in the same season. We gotta season where one's been bad. We've had a season where another has been bad. But we've never had a season where they're collectively as bad. And so what I always say is, you know, we would be talking about how bad the ACC was if Duke in North Carolina had historically their worst seasons combined ever the big twelve. Did it feel a sexy this year because Kansas wasn't good? And I just think look Arizona. They have the number one or three class coming in. They're going to get right? But if errors Zona was just what they've been in UCLA was just what they've been all of a sudden, you add two more top twenty five teams in you. Then potentially have five bitch the NCAA tournament. Nobody feels bad now with that said, I can't really speak for football, which is a total mess, but basketball, I think it's cyclical I think they'll be fine. I see that you said getting back to the brackets the Tennessee and Michigan state where the two teams that got screwed. Why why do you think that? So two different reasons. I think in general nobody really has a big gripe. But Mark, you know, for people who don't follow this stuff three hundred sixty five days a year in the past the committee has kind of made this big stink about we do wanna keep teams close to home because you know, we don't want these student athletes to travel, whatever buffalo, blah. I know where you stand on all that. But they always have given preferential treatment to the higher seeded teams. It's a very simple concept you bust your butt. You're awesome all year, you shouldn't have to play in somebody's backyard in so Tennessee could potentially in round to have to play Cincinnati in Columbus, Ohio, which is only about an hour from Cincinnati. I just think that's totally unfair for a team. That's done. You know, they they've been awesome. And it could come down to their basically playing a true road game in the NCAA tournament, you know, after six months of hard work. I just think that's kinda nonsense and then when Michigan state. You know, it's the deal of the committee considered them one of the quote unquote, best number two seeds. So then why are they lined up with the best number one seed, and do it makes absolutely no sense to me. Yeah. That's interesting. All right. Gimme gimme the dark horse that could make some noise who's wearing Cinderella. This year. Well, I'll tell you. I know I know you have a primarily NBA audience Murray state with John Mirant got to be a lottery pick that kid is unbelievable. He average twenty four games scoring led the nation in this. I think he is every bit the real deal. And if you told me he put his team on his back. I'll Steph curry wins to three games basically by himself. It wouldn't surprise me kid is just out of this world. I think whether you follow college basketball, whether you're following the darts. That's a kid to watch out for because he's

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