Central District eviction sparks anti-gentrification protests


Dozens of people turning out Saturday to stop evictions and sound off against residents being squeezed out of the central district. Suzanne Phan, KOMO news. The explains there is a proposal to demolish these apartments here in the central district. And that means that low income and disabled tenants we'll have to find somewhere else to live been here about. Thirty years like so many other renters at the Chateau apartments. Terry Justice counseling section eight housing to get by more than half of the twenty one units. Here are set aside for affordable housing Justice. Just got some bad news. They just told us they were telling us that we have to be out by the end of the year. Cadence real estate is planning on demolishing the apartments and building newer and more expensive units. What are we gonna do? And that's why Justice, and so many others showed up to the community meeting at new hope missionary Baptist church. You get a home. Only is you are able to pay the exorbitant rent councilwoman Shamas want and the city council renter's rights committee. Listen to renters and their concerns. It's not a good look for a business to throw people out on the street. These folks need to be embarrassed. Someone says something needs to be done now about affordable housing and the homeless crisis. We absolutely need to build a movement to fight for rent control and for a massive expansion of social housing, we just publicly-owned housing. So that people will have affordable homes. No matter what cadence owes that tenants other. That is alternate affordable accessible homes right here in the central district. So that these working class families and elderly people are not displaced in the

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