Changes in Hormone Levels, Sexual Side Effects of Menopause


If you are listening near a woman that's age thirty five or over, or if you know someone who is I think you're going to really like our topic today because it's all about hormones as women. You know, it can be pretty tough when you experienced fluctuating hormones, it seems like when we reach age thirty five to forty are hormone balance just kind of seems to go crazy mood swings. Become an everyday occurrence. We might not get a good night's sleep. The only way to feel comfortable is to wear pants that have an elastic waistband brochure. You're just kind of load up your closet with stretch pants and leggings to accommodate that expanding waistline. Are you thinking? Oh that is so true. Why is this happening? Well, today, we're going to discuss hormone balance after forty while working with many many women over the years. We have found that their hormones often start to get out of balance and even mid to late thirties. So let's talk about what's happening to your body. What you can do to get your hormones back balance. My name is Kara Harper. I'm a licensing Tristesse, I have a master's degree in holistic health. I'm also a certified nutrition specialists, and I'm very excited to be joined by MARCY Vaske. She's also a licensed nutritionist and has a master's degree in clinical nutrition. Yes. Well, good morning and Kara. I'm so happy to be here once again studio with you same here. Yeah. We always have a fun time. And especially today talking about this topic hormones, right? Yup. We were saying that before the show. I know we were we kind of laughed about it. It's perfect for us. So for many women between the ages of thirty five to forty it. Is that time before we are entering menopause, and for some women their hormones are going crazy. I know my Le. Lovely hormones have been trying to mess with me. And so fortunately, I have a little knowledge in this area. So I've tried to get him back on track. But this time before menopause is called Perryman applies which can result in a stressful hormone fluctuating time, and this hormonal balance is not often easy and can really make you feel like you're kind

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