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Will is really good on a lot of things including his reaction when he heard about the hundred forty million four year new contract for Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Russell wilson. For both sides feels never going to not pay. Russell Wilson more than Aaron Rodgers. That's what he wanted. What he's wanted the whole time. He was never gonna take less than Roger she wanted to be the highest paid quarterback in in NFL history high-speed player in NFL history. And you know, I I think he wanted to try some like Rogers before him and like Kirk cousins before he wanted to do some. Paradigm shift stuff where he passes his salary to the a percentage of the salary cap or or does some other weird things as it relates to the setup. Like, you know, maybe go here your options or something like that. And ultimately the in Russell caves agreement like look there, we will go where you want with the money. We will get you of air Rogers, all these different things, we won't give you a no trade clause. But we can't give you all the other quirky stuff that you want because it will set a bad precedent for us and a bad precedent for the league as a whole. And if you wanna the money and you want right now by your deadline. We gotta do a deal in Russell, and John Schneider. Russell side and the field side kind of came to agreement. And I think everybody wins the franchise quarterback. They're gonna have until he's thirty five. They they took the legion of boom and rebuilt around Russell. And now, they're they're locked into that. And and Russell's locked into the Seahawks. He's where he wants to be. You got the money. He wants to get and it can turn focus energy two thousand

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