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Guilty to twenty four counts, including indecent behaviour with juvenile sexual battery and computer solicitation of a minor. The victims were between the ages of eight and fifteen they abuse occurred for two thousand fifteen until may of twenty eighteen west is also accused of molesting at least six boys in Saint Charles parish, WWL TV's, Leslie, spoon crawfish season. Doesn't seem to have quite taken off yet as we approach Easter WWL. Chris Miller reports there is a mysterious malady, and it's on the rise among the mud. Bog pop. Relation white spot disease seems to be on the rise LSU accent or crawfish expert, Dr Greg lutts as the virus can wipe out adult crawfish before they can be harvested. Most of the harvest will crawfish will die before they ever get them out on the virus has no effect on humans, and it doesn't affect juvenile crawfish. Either for some reason. So let says it is an annoyance sometimes an expensive one, but not an industry-wide threat. He says more research into this virus could answer many questions.

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