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Twelfth it includes content from Disney Pixar marvel Star Wars, National Geographic. And of course, since they bought FOX. There's also a bunch of FOX stuff on there, including the Simpsons every episode of the Simpsons will be there. So that was a lot, and it doesn't actually cost a lot of costs seven dollars ninety nine cents a month. At least the start here. In addition to the stuff that exists. There's going to be regional shows moral shows pissed on Hawkeye falcon winter soldier scarlet which in the vision, which we talked to Megan on our former producer about 'cause she's working on that show. There's new Star Wars shows and probably the single show. I was most excited about when I heard about it like almost a year ago. It's called encore. It's a reality show stars Kristen bell. And she is the producer who brings together former cast mates of high school musical, and they have to recreate it with how well, you know, what I was curly in our senior year production of Oklahoma. So Kristen bell listening real hold high school class of nineteen Eighty-eight Oklahoma. I have no hair left. How would I would need a wig you need a week? It's a great idea for a show loving this. It's just going to be a ton of stuff. And we're clearly now into. The age of streamers between this apple? Plus, you've got the Hulu you got the Netflix. You've got the HBO. This is our universe. Now. It is. And this was clearly designed to be a kick in the ribs of net. Netflix. No question that pricing alone. Was looks just a massive underpricing, and they can do that. Because Disney I think they claim that they will be profitable by twenty twenty four or something like that. Yeah. And I believe them I believe in completely Netflix continues to burn through cash, and they charge quite a bit more a month. So now, it gets interesting because they're gonna pull all this stuff off of Netflix, obviously. And unlike Netflix, which has no other streams of revenue except for their subscription service and doesn't have a kind of endless library just yet. Even as they make a thousand shows what they don't have is thirty years of the Simpsons, right? It's an Disney obviously has the ability to buffer everything with their theat. Trickle and their parks and their cruise ships and the merchandising and ABC it's gonna get interesting. I think if I if I had to predict I would say that Disney plus is going to be any normal success. I think will be enormous has to the only I would say don't discount net. Flicks. Is we think of Netflix through our US bias? But when I travel overseas, Netflix is giant, and they have a lot of local content that's made for the countries that they're in, and they continued to more and more and more of that, so Disney even with all the stuff they

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