Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle official for NXT TakeOver


This next match rock knows what I'm going to be talking about. I will tell you to after we get off the call, and we are not on the air anymore because I can't say it on the air. But this match is not helping what I told you before about Matt retro rock Garneau velveteen dream versus Matt riddle for the North American championship. We can quite frankly say it's going to be lit Audra fate. You guys so much right now, I have fluently eight you good velveteen dream is going to be very very extra be very very over the top. I can't wait for Matt riddles face to be all over the velveteen dreams pants. I was gonna stay what what entrances he going to do this time because we've had the HOGAN we've had to HOGAN we've HOGAN we've had classic hulkamania and end wwl HOGAN to the Ken. Shamrock? Do it. Do it. On his Brock listener, do the Brock whatever. Because see I be anime person. Be Ken Shammar, the world's most dangerous man, come on where the red tights and everything. It looks down and punches self in the face while he gets into the rain. Yeah. Yeah. It's what. What's? Don't be damn seven world's most dangerous dream tasting could could happen. Okay.

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