What Trump proposed in his 2020 budget


Grilled President Trump's acting budget director a day after he laid out the administration's four point seven trillion dollar budget, which pushes the federal deficit passed one trillion dollars. Trump wants more than eight billion dollars for the barrier with Mexico. He's also asking for a big boost in military spending, that's alongside steep cuts in health care and economic support programs for the poor the plan also retains the huge Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and the richest corporations that the Congressional Budget Office has projected will add one point nine trillion dollars to the deficit over a ten year period. Massachusetts Democrat Seth Bolton. Pressed acting budget director Russ vote on the consequences of that tax cut. I'm just curious how. How many of Mr. Trump's eight point six billion dollar walls? Could he build with one point nine trillion dollars? I haven't done the math on that more than two hundred twenty two hundred twenty two hundred twenty miles two hundred and twenty of his full walls. Now just to compare that to some democratic priorities. What do you think one point nine trillion dollars would do for education funding in the United States that make a difference in our kids lives? We believe this this budget fully funds. What is necessary to continue to educate? Our children. Washington state congresswoman Paul pointed to the massive increase in military spending proposed by Trump, including a huge increase in the overseas. Contingency operations also known as the Pentagon's slush fund in this budget. How much does the president proposed cutting the department of defense department slush fund in in twenty fiscal year? Twenty we propose increasing the how much are you proposing to increase it by increase it up to from sixty nine billion to one hundred and sixty four billion. So you're proposing to increase the slush fund that has been called that by the president's chief of staff, and by our our chairman of the Armed Services Committee by one hundred and thirty eight percent to one hundred and sixty five billion over twenty nineteen jay-paul noted that last fall, the Pentagon failed its first ever comprehensive audit and asked whether it shouldn't come into compliance before. Trump grants it more higher spending levels. Democrats also denounced the massive cuts in health care. The Trump budget proposal, including one and a half trillion dollars to Medicaid and eight hundred forty five billion to Medicare over the next ten years, Texas, Democrats Sheila jackson-lee said the budget targets the most vulnerable Americans this budget attacks the most vulnerable in this nation. It is unequal and wealth. The tax scam is still the most powerful undermining of growth and prosperity in this nation by pushing money toward the top zero point one percent or the top one percent and leaving those who can add to the economy along the highway of despair this budget will not go. Texas democrat Lloyd Doggett twenty two cuts in federal education spending with reference to education, I'm greatly troubled that at a time when we face a physician shortage, a growing shortage you propose to eliminate all of the loan forgiveness programs that are available to get those physicians as well as law enforcement and teachers and under served areas. This is a great step backwards as are your cuts in student financial assistance, Silicon Valley congressman ro Khanna pressed vote on cuts to federal scientific agencies. And you're cutting the National Institute of health budget by four hundred four point nine billion dollars. Is that correct? We ha- we bring the national institutes of health down to about thirty three billion. You see why I mean not trying to be parties? So DC's why some people may think that you don't believe in science and technology when when you're cutting the National Science Foundation by a billion when you're cutting the national. By four billion, which the Republican congress by the increase two billion last. Democrats accused Trump of going back on his campaign promise to protect Medicare after he introduced the two thousand twenty budget the calls for steep cuts in Medicare payments to hospitals. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the budget embodies longstanding Republican ambitions to make Medicare wither on the vine Pelosi said in a statement after exploding the deficit with his GOP tax scam for the rich President Trump is once again trying to ransack Medicare, Medicaid and the health care of seniors and families across America. This budget says promises kept said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York balderdash.

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