FAA, Boeing And Max discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


With the second crash in Ethiopia and clear similarities to lion air secretary of transportation. Elaine Chao has now asked the department's inspector general to conduct a formal audit of the certification process by the FAA of the seven three seven max that news coming just hours after the European Union announced it will look into Boeing's software upgrade for that anti-stalin system, very deeply very closely. We will not allow. If we have not found acceptable answer to all our questions on both sides. Whatever if it does Canada also announcing it will conduct its own certification of the software update before letting them Max's fly again Boeing in the FAA have also been called out by the Huron, the Hudson, captain sully Sonnenberger writing and marketwatch says the FAA has a cozy relationship with Boeing, which is hurting the credibility of the agency. In too many cases, he says FAA employees who rightly called for stricter compliance. We're overruled by FAA management off and under corporate or political pressure. But a former FAA official says that goes too, far the statistics really are overwhelmingly in favor of our current system. And now we've had a single fatality in a one hundred million flights in the

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