Top Vatican official's sex abuse conviction latest blow to embattled Catholic Church


Democrats and Trump I'm Tim Maguire AP newsman at the house votes tomorrow on a measure to overturn President Trump's declaration of national emergency along the border with Mexico, Texas, congressman Joaquin Castro our country since its founding has become the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth without any will the house is expected to pass the measure, if the Senate also approves the president has promised veto Trump is on his way to Vietnam for summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Hoon Kim arrived in Vietnam by train, and it's taking a motorcade to Hanoi. President will get there tomorrow their first formal meeting will be Wednesday in a trial that actually ended December eleventh cardinal, George Pell. The most senior Catholic cleric ever charged with child sexual of us was convicted in Australia of molesting two young boys moments after he celebrated mass pella's pope Francis top financial advisor, and the Vatican's economic economy ministry, the court had forbidden until now publication of the details. Of the trial. I'm Tim Maguire..

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