The War-Stopping Eclipse

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It's time for the second installment in our moon, Monday miniseries. We're will teach you how the history of the moon has affected the world in some way last week. We talked about how the Babylonians figured out Saros cycles, which basically predict how often is solar eclipse will appear who cares. Right. We'll thanks to this information. The Greek philosopher theories predicted a solar eclipse that helped end a war restore and economy and build a philosophy school that trained a couple of history's greatest minds. Here's the story from Dr David warm flash. But his terms of the eclipse cycles dailies warned about this and in five eighty five BC during a war between a couple at least two Pires a third one involved, but one of one empire was demeans. Empires. Meade's sort of in the area of Persia and the other word the lydian empire that control the big chunk of Asia Minor, including a Yoni. So the Iowans were Greeks who had been there for centuries because the Dorian invasion had pushed everybody all over the place, and they were living along the coast of Asia. Minor Annalong those those islands along the coast and the Libyan's were controlling them. And they wanted it into the war, and knowing these Sarah cycles from the Babylonians Staley's was able who is also a mathematician, he was able to calculate the likelihood of an eclipse. So he probably didn't know the moon was getting in front of the sun announcements causing it. But he knew the mathematics of it. And he turned out. He was he ended up being ri-, and he went to the commanders of both sides, and he told them the gods are really upset about this war. We need an end to the war and to to demonstrate that the. Gods are gonna dark in the sky on Tuesday at three o'clock, whatever and he was he got a little bit lucky because these cycles don't predict the eclipses that note map precisely but a little bit of luck. Also, got it. Right. Whoa. This guy knows what he's talking about. And the war came to an end and Staley's was also able to negotiate pretty good terms for the Onians, which is good for Iranian business. 'cause basically, I only were business people. They were maritime traders all that dailies himself had a certain amount of celebrity status because he predicted a really good olive harvest foreign urine. So he bought up all the olive presses. And you got to be really rich guy because he had this money, and you had this fame by ending the war and that helped him establish a philosophy school on the island of militants in people were flocking to come and study with him and some people eat that we hear about were students affair. Phillies address, for instance, puts agress was one of daily students. Eventually had a really didn't agree with dailies whole approach to how how you obtain knowledge, but he started out as when if they Lee students yet another student in accent Mander who is the earliest person, we know of to come up with an volition area theory about the emergence of humanity from fish that we started out fish, and he reason that fish don't need their their their mothers just come out of an egg in they either get eaten or they could survive. And so he reasoned that human infants couldn't have reclaim them in humans all time because infants can't survive in the first human would have be an instant in, you know, the chicken and egg problem. So he he reason it back to back to fish next week will jump ahead to the middle ages. And here fascinating story about the origins of astronomy. In the meantime, Dr David warm flashes. Book is called moon in illustrated history in you. Can pre-order it on Amazon today? You can also follow him on Twitter at cosmic.

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