How the heck do you take a photo of a black hole? (The 3:59, Ep. 542)

The 3:59


The. Welcome to the three fifty nine or under Chiang ring. What does black hole look like thanks to eight Rio telescopes and a lot of scientists we now have a picture. I'll be it's one. That's fifty five million years old. Yeah. So it's about fifty five million light years away, which means that we're just seeing it now, and it kinda looks like sore on or like a golden ring l you know, we saw a couple of means Republic with a little bit of Photoshop. It's been kinda moved altered to look like a a bagel or my personal favorite. Like a glazed doughnut. You know, what my personal favorite is? But we can't talk. If you go on my Twitter feed, you can see it's not talking about that. So this is the the black hole the center of the Messier eighty seven or eighty seven galaxy as you said fifty five million light years away. It's just fascinating look at this thing is it's not what I expect. I wasn't sure. What did you think that it was going to be like pitch black? Be honest. Yes. I saw the tweet go out as I was on the train. It went underground. So I kinda lost reception for a bit and it didn't load. So it's just the black image. Am I being trolled here is this? What really was like, oh, I don't have reception and wanted finally loaders like, oh that is not what I expected at. All. Yeah. What were you expecting? Honestly, like a pitch black like thing. I thought that might have like it'd be like an eclipse with the ring a lane. It's kind of what it does look like those kind of well the fiery bit was surprising to me. So yeah, it's fascinating is. Is these are actually images this basically using radio waves to create an image. They used like a bunch of telescopes from around the planet to kind of piece together different parts of it. So it's as if they had like a several cameras than took small snippets of it. Put it all together in one collage that fits together. Yeah. It's that's cover mazing. It's just blows my mind how they're able to do that. Next up on talk about air pods to versus the power beat pro power beats pro- karnal has nice or Vanessa. Sorry. Nasa has a nice breakdown of which ones you should get a bottom line of you need them right away. Air pods two or one point five is what David calls is probably the ones you should get power beats aren't coming in toll may. But they do offer. They've got the hook clips. I know if you're if you're paranoid about those air pods fine falling out like our friend. Dan of Ganden, boom. Those. Clips are could be very important. And I also enjoy that they're like in ear. There is a big reason why I don't like air pods that much because I don't like headphones that are not in ear like like air pods are now you are a cost conscious of guy. This is these are two hundred fifty dollars almost one hundred dollars more than the air pods. Is this something that you consider what the hook and the inner ear? No. Yeah. I still wanna buy like, it's it's two hundred fifty dollars get outta my face. But I'm just saying that they do look better than the airports do seem to dress a main concerns for folks who are a little leery of the airport. And that said that the charge cases massive that my my I think that's a big convenience of air pods with like the case looks like like floss you would carry around. Right. That is not the case with the beats case. Lastly, if you're not filed that's your big thing. Dave Colorado say that this power beats offer Richard cleaner sound better bass than air pods. So something to consider a lastly, check out our exclusive interview with Carla Hayden, the librarian of congress and her audacious plan to put everything in the library of congress online at your fingertips. This is the latest in nets library package taking a look at how libraries are volving in this new digital age. Yeah. It's really cool. I I do think that you know, a lot of resources of the library would be. Much better. If you could get it online. And yeah, check out our exclusive story on that. All right source. Gordon Chang, I'm offering. We'll sing.

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