Women to close out WrestleMania for first time


WWE is going to make a little history with wrestlemainia this go around at outta MetLife. Big. It's a big deal. It's a huge deal for the first time ever. It's an all woman main event, it's a three way match, you know, with Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, whose champion were raw women's champions around the rousing shallow flair and Becky Lynch does the freeway match. It would be the main event. Some would call it the final match while from us. Call the main event Seles match. Yeah. So. You know, some folks thought maybe Brock listener. And Seth Rollins will be the main event, it's not universal title. This is for the raw women's championship. And you know. It says a huge deal. This is great not just for the business. It's just for the restaurant business, but it's great for women's wrestling because women's wrestling over the past several years has come such a long way, not just from WWE other companies to and the women aren't just looked at as as it used to be years ago. When it just I candy, he's a legitimate athletes. These are legitimate performance legitimate WB superstars, and these three ladies Shala flare rows and Becky alleged. They're gonna tear it down. It's going to be great. It's going to be great. And to do it at MetLife. Another just we're wrestlemanias. Always at these big big stadiums. Just like the SuperBowl, isn't pack them. Okay. You're gonna have close to eighty thousand people. Okay. At wrestlemainia people from all over WorldCom. And that just makes me so proud like as a former wrestler, a former wrestling broadcaster. You know, how many years it's taken? But it's finally like I was saying during the break to you and Andrew bogusch. Not really awesome. How so many worldwide mainstream sports verticals in sports, broadcasts companies, and and worldwide entertainment companies supporting with w w pro wrestling does on their websites on TV just a little while move says, you know, you're going to have Roman reigns. And all ladies the ladies in the main advantages named ought to be a sports center on ESPN on TV. I mean, so and and they're going to be doing suffered ESPN they did stuff last year too. So I'm just saying I just so it's just so refreshing that it's the the entertainment value is respected by the sports world. And the athleticism is is respected by the bulk of the sports world. So, but this is a huge thing. I mean, this is huge. And it's it's happy for I don't be rude. I'm happy for Charlotte flair and Becky Lynch of these ladies they paid their dues a lot of years. Lot of skin in the game. A lot of. A years. Lots of years, okay before WWE, Rhonda Rousey, she's new to the game. She'd been paid dues and the wrestling business. Great great MMA. She's a UFC hall of Famer. She's a amazing grand champion judoka. Which is a a junior champion. So amazing athlete and she brings massive stop power. But I'm old school wrestling traditionalists, and those two other ladies paid a lot of dues flair and Lynch, but Ronda Rousey is helping draw draw the helps draw the main event, obviously because I'm a stop out. Yes, she does. But not as popular as the other two amongst wrestling fans. No rescue domino. You said and you're right. And the reason is because bring name power put the wrestling fan or fans of Becky Lynn me the reason is because of respect. Yeah. Because they know like I just said the wrestling fan knows that those ladies paid a lot of deuce and Rhonda hasn't. But that's not the main reason she she's her character, which is good. They have for doing this more out of health the fans and a bunch of nerds in their basement. She's going that route which is called cheap. It's easy to do that works. It's fine. So that's helping hurt that helps her as a heel as a bad guy dead girl, get that heat. But the fans also know when she talks on a Mike is just terrible is no juicy. There's no other way to put. She's yes. I'm sorry. She's great, and my disrespecting handing she's done athletically, or what she means in for the WWE attached. But I mean, I just look at I look at the other two is just better overall. When you put everything in place. I, you know, I look at them as better overall women rested. And I just want to say this to like anybody who thinks wrassling. I listen, you watch any stuff leading up to the smack just for example, what Shala flare Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, go on YouTube goal. WBZ's website watch the physicality that's happening with these ladies. Yeah. Okay. Watchhouse fifties kicks and punches are that will watch. And so anybody who thinks any different is a dumb ass. It just doesn't stand and they have this archaic thinking, and it's it's sad because that's kind of like uncalled Alec. It's like wrestling's embraced now. It's it's sitting here on a national sports radio show. And we're talking about this. You'll have you'll have broadcasters here on CBS sports radio. Talk about wrestlemanias that leads to on WFAN here. Locally to know wherever you might anywhere anywhere. You live right, right. Talking about this. Because it like I said they're fixing to be on ESPN. Right. It's it's clearly it's clearly more mainstream and has got more mainstream as we've gone along here. And I, you know, put all that, you know, everything you said is true TASR. I just think you look at the growth of the women are the women's wrestler. The woman wrestler in professional wrestling is just remarkable. Because you mentioned in terms of now, I remember the days of sable, right? And not even not even go back where you know, you mentioned candy and everything was calling that stuff. You know that birthday. We'll see. So. So it's so significantly different the way that they're treated and appreciated now much significant. Yeah. And they've earned it. I mean, and they do a great job. I mean, we've interviewed you know, we interviewed Charlotte all week. That's right special winter, she was doing stuff a special, which is which the WWE designate job their outreach into the communities, and helping those that need it, and she talked about that. And and we know how big of a star Becky Lynch's and Ronda Rousey, she's got some work to do in terms of. I don't know if it's ever gonna get there with her on the Mike, but we know how great of a of a physical specimen. Well, then the thing is I do think like just a my opinion that I think they if if if if something McConnell McGregor happens would w w at wrestlemania guy the table set here, you get this main event here like we said earlier, I talked about this earlier. And I'll talk about more on my podcasts on the tashaun get deeper in the woods on the wrestling. But the thing is like you got you got one of the girls listing Becky Lynch and who's probably gonna win the championship. At wrestlemainia, and for those that don't know harmonica. Her name is she's the man so speculates as you know, Muslim. She's the man that's like the gimmick. And 'cause she's the man, but she's a woman. But it's it's just a gimmick. Right. But anyway, she's from Ireland. Okay. We know Conor McGregor is from Ireland. We know Rhonda rows economy McGregor offer ends. I could see something happened where I would strongly predict if f Conor McGregor gets involved. You know, and everybody's gonna hack this for me on this radio station. Just throw some credit over here to task. I would think that Conor McGregor helps Becky somehow some way maybe if he's involved win the match that'd be cool and win the championship. Because then they could go down the road where Rhonda's pissed at McGregor, and they could do something potentially further down the

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