Elizabeth Warren goes after big tech (The 3:59, Ep 531)

The 3:59


Three fifty nine. Roger Chan I'm out for dang on Friday. Senator Elizabeth Warren called for the break-up of tech giants like Amazon Google Facebook. She's recommending the use the US bands companies from owning a platform and any sellers on it and over the weekend. She added apples mixing interview at south by south west. This looks to be the cornerstone of a presidential run. What what do you make is? This is this is this just sort of like vague promise to get attention, or do you think there's some actual fire behind this? Don't think that this is a vague promise. I mean, you know, if you take a look at it. This is something that lawmakers have been considering for awhile. Now, every time Facebook was at a congressional hearing. They would ask them. You know is Facebook monopoly, right? Facebook off would often reply while no because the average person has eight apps on their phones and Facebook is only one of those app, right which acting Instagram and WhatsApp are and Facebook messenger are among those top eight apps. But if you think about that, I mean look at Google. Goal with obviously itself and then their ownership of YouTube g mail, Android. Get all these major services. And that is something that, you know, lawmakers have been taking a much more scrutiny toward the FTC recently announced that they would have this new bureau that would be looking at a tech mergers. Even retroactively, you know, so they could, you know, potentially take action on Facebook and Instagram interesting. But do you think how realistic is it to break up? These companies Evora got the counter argument, of course, is these companies are all competing against each other or ready there's competition, and that's driving. I guess innovation and driving fairness and how they operate, plus how detrimental effect with this be on the US. We broke up our biggest. Yeah. There's definitely a lot of pushback on this. Some folks have made the argument that you know, by doing this. You're weakening American tech companies allowing foreign companies like wow way to basically pro. Different based off of this. But I think that, you know, recent data scandals recent priva- privacy issues have really brought people's attention to this. Because you know, if you if you don't wanna use Facebook, but you still want to keep in touch with your friends. What options you have you have Instagram? Right. What's up? I mean, there's Twitter, but you know, I use line. Yeah. No, you're right. In terms of the major services. We do have fairly limited options and those limit options tend to be all about the people. And you know, and that might become even more limited with Mark zuckerberg's plan last Wednesday where he detailed his idea of combining Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messengers. All right. So tesla about-face saying that about half the stores that had planned to close would remain open. But for tesla fans, bigger news. Here's that the prices on higher end model three model S immoral model. Cars will go up by about three percent on average which is not insignificant for car. The price changes don't go into effect. A later this month. But what do you think this is? Tesla retreat mode. I have never had plans via tesla now. Especially don't have our lands considering that it's even more expensive. Now isn't having this company at least with their cars, not been that stable of it's like prices and like releases and things like that. And now, it's definitely traditionally has been very difficult to buy these you have to get on a wait list. It's kind of pain the butt to buy a tesla. That's been par. The mystique company that it's so hard to like the the iphone gold, right? It was hard to get in this. You know, it's that's what the appeals for. I just know the stock is up about a percent right now, which is kind of weird when any other automaker said they were closing stores or raising prices in the cars. This has added to the mystique. The investors. Other investors would freak out as any other company. But it's tesla. So lastly, our own Aaron Carson what to is at south by south west. She had chance to check out us. The new suspense film by join peel to fall to his critically acclaimed get out Aaron says, it's not quite as good as get out. But definitely has shared thrills and laughs. I definitely think that Jordan Peele is establishing himself much more, and like the horror landscape what I'm really looking forward to the twilight zone that he's directing on CBS all access banks, which is our parent company. Thanks for that shutout Alford checks in the mail, literally. Yes. So look, it's it's interesting that given his keen peel back around. It was all comedic background that he's made this dramatic move to these films like get out like us, which really is so far from his own Scott shows just kind of funny all right for cover ticks runner. Chiang? I'm out for dang for listening.

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