Alliance of American Football: Week 1 Highlights


Producer Robert did you watch either one of these af game tonight. The alliance of American football. I had the San Diego and San Antonio. That one was fifteen to six I believe San Antonio wins. And in a low scoring game was only one touchdown. But Orlando the Orlando Apollo's coach Steve Spurrier, they defeat Atlanta. Forty two six Robert I'm watching the highlights. So, you know, the old Phillies special they ran on the Super Bowl last year. They ran the Orlando special the double reverse pass back to the quarterback. And boy is that typical Steve Spurrier for a touchdown. Orlando winds forty two six, and you know, it's interesting looking alliance of American football everybody I like in the gym this week or out and about talking to friends about sports. Nobody even knew that they were starting up this week or that there was any such thing as the af. And I said, you know, I think this is pretty good timing. Right after the Super Bowl, people are still football crazy and they're getting their start right away here. Then you look at some of the coaches, Rick neuheisel's, coaching, Arizona. Mike single, Terry. One of the great linebackers of all time. And by the way, I'm a San Francisco forty Niners spent a horrible head coach coach. The Memphis express Steve Spurrier as we mentioned coach in the Orlando Apollo's Dennis Erickson. Again, be being a forty Niners fan another lousy coach Dennis Erickson, he's coaching the Salt Lake City stallions, Mike Riley, the former Oregon state Nebraska coach goats in San Antonio commanders. Mike Martz who we were joking about earlier coach in the San Diego fleet. And Michael Vick is the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta lessons who only scored six points tonight and got blown out by arlando. Okay. You look at the af. And they're not gonna try to compete with the NFL. And they've already made that clear they want to be a feeder league and provide players to kind of be a minor league of the NFL. But at the same time provide some entertainment here and. You know, we love football, the two most popular sports in America are the NFL and college football one and two and it's not even close followed by the NBA at number three. A hundred million people just watch the Super Bowl and their philosophy is know eighty million people don't watch sports again after the Super Bowl if you can get a big chunk of them still watching football. Maybe they can stick around a little while. But here's some really interesting things. Let let let's go over some of the rules in the af no kickoffs. And I know the Commissioner of the league today said he's pulled everybody has everybody. He knows and people are always telling him that the kickoff. It's the most boring play in football. So they got rid of that. And they're just going to place the ball on the twenty five on the twenty five yard line after scoring place. Now, I think right away. That's a huge mistake. That's just wrong. The kickoff is the most one of the most exciting place in all the football. Not boring. What makes it boring is? When you move the kickoff up to the thirty five yard line the way the NFL did. And there's never any returns when you blasted through the end zone all the time. That's boring. Move the kickoff back to the twenty five yard line. Which is what the NFL should've done. The NFL move the ball the wrong way instead of moving up from the thirty to the thirty five they moved it back to the twenty five then you're always gonna get returns. And the kickoff is maybe the most exciting play in football. So that's a big mistake. And that's wrong. Now, they're also having no onside kicks the entire game. So you say to yourself. Well, what if you're behind what if you're desperate and you have to get an onside kick. Well, there's no kickoffs. How are we going to do that? So so Robert, you know, how they've solved that problem. Have you read about this rule? I haven't read about this rule at any time. You know, they put the ball in the thirty five yard line where they kick off. What normally kick off would be. And they call it fourth and ten convert you keep the ball. You get one play to get ten yards instead of an onside kick, that's not bad. That's an interesting rule there. And that gives you a much higher percentage of converting than an onside kick one play trying to get tenure. So and then if you don't get it the other team gets the ball on your thirty five. So you're giving up field position. So I don't know how often you would try that. But certainly if you're behind I say, you leave the offense on the field and go forward onto fourth and ten situation. So the kickoff thing I think it's stupid because the kickoff an exciting. Just gotta move the kickoff back in ensure that they're going to be returns. The no onside kick. I like that one play fourth and ten if you convert you keep the football. I like that. I also would have gotten rid of putting if you're not gonna have any kickoff why not get rid of? And you gotta go for it on four thousand every time. Now that would put some strategy and excitement into the game. Wouldn't it? If you weren't allowed to punt see I'd get rid of the I get rid of putting before I'd get rid of the kicker. I would keep the kickoff but move it back to the twenty five yard line. And I get rid of quality. You have to go for it on for you got four down to make ten yards. No punting. They have no point after touchdown kick. You have to go for two every time which I think is another good rule the play clock instead of thirty five seconds. Thirty seconds. Let's will speed up. The course of play. Hopefully now, they've got the skied judge who is a way up there above the sidelines. And you can correct officiating errors and one thing. I liked tonight early in the game San Antonio through one. I feel that it looked like a long game. But his foot could have been out of bounds. It was close. And instead of putting the camera on the referee on the sideline and you can't hear what's going on. And then it's quiet for about a minute or two then he makes his ruling they've got the camera up on the guy in the booth making the decision, and you can actually hear him corresponding with the referee down the fields and talking with each other. Then you hear the whole process of how they're going to make the decision on whether to reverse it or not now I liked that. That was interesting and entertaining. So you've got the sky judge. You've got the play clock at only thirty seconds. You have to go for two every time all good. The no onside kicks, but they give you a one down to get ten yards to keep the ball. I like that rule. I would again, I would keep the kickoff. And I get rid of that. I think that's that's a mistake. They made. And by the way, no halftime. Which is another good thing. They just after the second quarter ends they go to a commercial break and they start up play right again. Is there anything more boring than at twenty thirty minute. Halftime break. I like that too. And there's no TV timeouts another positive anything where there's less time outs. No halftime and speeding up the pace of play. I love it. So all good except except for that that the kickoff. They should bring the kickoff

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