‘The Lego Movie 2’ Collapses at the Box Office


Installment of the LEGO movie debuted in the top spot this weekend, but not by as much as Warner Brothers had hoped the animated movie starring Chris Pratt was estimated to make at least fifty million dollars after its predecessor came in at sixty nine million for its debut. Instead, though, the sequel had one of the weakest openings of the franchise apparently fellow newcomers what men want and cold pursuit following the top three with what men want and second with nineteen million Liam Neeson's cold pursuit in third made ten point eight million bucks. It could be that the recent controversy. Around Neeson's remarks about once seeking race-based revenge is what caused cooled pursuit to be one of the lowest openings of the actor's career. Also could be the fact that it's distinct burger so for two thousand nineteen is only proven that the domestic box office is on a well, it's on a decline. In fact, this year the box office has gone downhill for six weekends straight six row. But there's still hope big releases. You're coming up how to train your dragon the hidden world, and captain marvel still on the horizon. So the top ten movies tops the box this past weekend. Pretend miss Bela to two point seven million number nine Spiderman into the spider verse three million dollars equiment still raking it in three point three million coming in at number eight green book, which is getting all kinds of great reviews came in at number seven to three point seven million the prodigy came into number six sixty six million glass at six point four million dollars. And then rounding out the top four the upside at seven point two million. That's been a bit of a surprise number three cold pursue. Only ten point eight million. What men want nineteen million bucks to come in at number two in the LEGO movie number the second LEGO movie, the second part really didn't live up to expectations did thirty four point four million dollars at the box office.

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